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Muen magazine also an interview with the duo where they talked a little bit about working on Dead By Sunrise album and the 'Kick The Bass' video.

MUEN: We heard from The Delta Fiasco on interviewing them that they have utilized your home and studio Ryan for recording. Is that where most of your work was done on this CD?

Ryan: Yes. That’s where most of Dead by Sunrise, that’s were Julien-K, that’s where The Delta Fiasco, the Transformers “Revenge of the Fallen” was created. All of it is created at either mine or Amir’s studio. We live close to each other and have pretty decked out studios in our homes that are exact duplicates that are real live studios and not just a converted bedroom. We work so fucking much that I don’t know how we would do it if they were not in our houses. At some point maybe we will move them somewhere but right now it works to have ..Brandon.. working on some music and Chester up in L.A. tracking vocals and then returning here to work on combining them and writing more for Dead by Sunrise. Amir’s house is set up for programming and mixing and mine is set up for a lot of people to be there but the gear is the same and redundant. My house has no privacy mainly and is ground central or ground zero for all these bands to do these songs and say that shit will be on the radio next year so that is cool.

MUEN: Noticed there is no bass player in the live line-up so, other than those listed as “official” band members, who all have contributed to the writing and recording of the songs?

Ryan: Chester and Fu mostly but there are some other people. We both have friends that play on the record in some capacity.

Amir: I actually co-wrote a couple of songs with my cousin. Scott Cutler also wrote some things too. We purposely don’t have a bass player in the band. That is how it’s meant to be. What we are doing in Dead by Sunrise is the more typical lineup with Brandon playing bass and Fu playing keyboards. We really wanted to blur the line in this band and have the computer running that (the bass) in Julien-K. The bass is really important and so we use the technology to make it more prominent and different. Full interview. … =473171284


Статьи на русском о Генри Николасе Третьем

Экс-глава Broadcom признан виновным в незаконных операциях с акциями

(08:15) 06.06.2008

Генри Николас, бывший исполнительный директор компании Broadcom, вчера был официально признан виновными в проведении корпоративных закрытых опционов задним числом для покупки акций компании по заниженным ценам. Напомним, что компания Broadcom является крупным американским производителем интегральных микросхем.

Однако обвинения с опционами не стали для Николаса последними, в финальном вердикте суда появились и другие факты. Экс-главу, в частности, обвиняют в нецелевых растратах корпоративных денег, а также в хранении наркотиков. Под "нецелевыми растратами" суд понимает приглашения в компанию проституток для самого главы и некоторых его посетителей.

Последние два пункта обвинений прибавились к делу экс-главы компании уже после того, как он был задержан по подозрению в незаконных операциях с акциями своей компании. Согласно данным оглашенным в суде, с 1999 по 2005 годы Николас был замечен в использовании и распространении экстази, кокаина, метамфетамина и других наркотических и сильнодействующих веществ.

Кроме того, прокуратура Калифорнии утверждает, что для хранения наркотиков Николас использовал как собственную резиденцию в Лагуна-Хиилс (шт Калифорния), так и "несколько других точек".

Одновременно с обвинениями в отношении Николаса, сторона гособвинения выпустила и 21-страничное заключение, где фигурирует и бывший финансовый директор Broadcom Уильям Руэле. Он обвиняется в разработке схемы по предоставлению опционных грантов по уже прошедшим датам.

В компании сейчас эти данные никак не комментируют, однако сообщают, что в январе 2008 года Broadcom начала выплаты дополнительных 2,2 млрд долларов для компенсации расходов, вызванных незаконными опционами.


Производитель модулей Bluetooth подсыпал клиентам своей фирмы "экстази" в чашки и вел наркоторговлю

Антигерой – филантроп или наркодилер?


the April issue of Revolver … 4&st=0

Morning Star
Dead By Sunrise, the near mythic side-project of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington, is ready to greet the day

"Tinkertoys, man, those things are dangerous," says Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington. It might sound like a joke, but the singer is dead serious. One day in October 2008, he was helping his 6-year-old son, Draven, build an airplane out of the construction set when the pair needed a connector stick; as Bennington reached ou to grab one, he herniated two discs in his lower back.
"My whole family was downstairs, so they couldn't hear me yelling for help," the frontamn recalls. "I managed to get on my knees in extreme pain and crawl down the hallway far enough so they culd hear me and call an ambulance. You'd think jumping off a balcony would probably hurt my back, but no."
If there is a silver lining to the rather absurd injury, it's that the mishap freed up time for Bennington to work on the much-delayed debut by his side project Dead By Sunrise. His back didn't require surgery, but the singer spent four days in the hospital and, afterward, used a cane to walk for weeks; the accident also forced Linkin Prk to cancel a tour in China. Using the resulting downtime, Dead By Sunrise-which also features guitarist Ryan Shuck and guitar-synth player Amir Derakh, both of California-based industrial rockers Orgy-have currently recorded more than half of their as-yet-untitled, four-years-in-the-making album with producer Howard Benson (Flyleaf, My Chemical Romance) at press time, and plan to finish by the end of February. If all goes well, the disc should be ready for release by summer.
As the band's name suggests, Dead By Sunrise are somewhat darker and heavier than Linkin Park, though songs like "Let Down" and "Crawl Back In" still feature bracing electronic-tinged rhythms, rousing choruses, and catchy melodies. "The most obvous difference is there's no hip-hop side to it," the vocalist says. "It's hard to describe, but when you hear it you'll see why I thought these songs wouldn't have worked for Linkin Park. And I'm happy to find another home for them because I think they're good."
Dead By Sunrise's origins date back to early 2005, when Bennington's more famous band was on break. At the time, Linkin Park were having disagreements with their label, and Bennington was going through a divorce from his wife of nine years. To erase the pain, he partied excessively, to the point that sometimes he wondered if he would make it 'til morning-hence the band name. "We went by the name Snow White Tan for a while, because I never saw the sun," Bennington says. "I wasn't injecting myself with heroin or anything, but I was sitting in my closet drinking a whole lot of Jack Daniel's."
As he drank, he cobbled together basic ideas for about 30 songs, and in June, Dead By SUnrise entered preproduction. They finished arranging the bes dozen or so tunes in Deember 2005, and did some basic tracking. Around that time, though, Linkin Park got back together to begin work on what would become "Minutes to Midnight", and Bennington put Dead By Sunrise on hold for nearly three years. "Linkin Park always comes first," the frontman explains, "Dead by Sunrise is just something I'm doing because I love music, and it allows me to be more involved in every aspect of songwriting and recording. In Linkin Park, everyone has their role. With this, if the songs are good or not, it comes down to me, and I like that challenge."
In August 2008, when Linkin Park finished the Projekt Revolution tour, Bennington hooked back up with Shuck and Derakh. When, writing new songs, Bennington found himself writing melllower songs that reflect the intervening three years, wherein he curbed his drinking and married ex-Playboy model Talinda Bentley. "There's an interesting juxtaposition between the stuff that's dark and the other songs, and I think that helps keep the album interesting," Bennington says. "The good thing about life, generally, is, as it's kicking you in the balls, it's also patting you on the back, and telling you everything's gonna be OK."


Jaclyn написал(а):

"The good thing about life, generally, is, as it's kicking you in the balls, it's also patting you on the back, and telling you everything's gonna be OK."

примечательные слова)


Апрельский номер  Blender! ( credits to

Честер упомянул новую песню Into You (о том, как он познакомился с Талиндой), а также то, что новый альбом LP предположительно выйдет весной 2010 (ппц грр)

кстати ))) обратите внимание, Честер в шузах DC Shinoda remix


Julien-K Record Release Party Vlog
всем смотреть Чеза!

это было 10 марта


посмотрели=))) голос вродь такой бодрый, а глаза  косяцо :hobo:

248 … hester.htm


New Julien-K Show At The Roxy, Los Angeles 8 апреля!

Julien-K will be playing at The Roxy on April 8th, 2009! The date is on Julien-K's MySpace; go out and support the band if you live in the area!

Will they be performing the whole album? Play songs that haven't been performed yet? Will our own Chester be at the show and do the famous collaboration on Technical Difficulties? Maybe Maestro again?

Death To Analog officially comes out today, so go grab it! Mike's remix on the limited edition of the album (the remix disc Death To Digital) is awesome. He remixes the title song Death To also has that One Step Closer gunshot sample that was used in the OSC intro throughout the Minutes To Midnight touring cycle and also on the What I've Done (Distorted Remix) by Mike. Interesting.


Ryan Shuck Posted This On the Julien-K Message board

Post One
we ARE playing this show - no tour plans yet. this will be our record release show for our fans.

it will be cool. we will have a special guest perform with us (someone who has performed with us before, but this time in a new way, doing some different parts). will also be playing some songs that haven't been played with much frequency - and one that has never been played live.

it will be fun..


Post 2

in other words: this will be a totally new set.


будет ли там Честер?



If you were tuned in earlier to Julien-K's live chat, they confirmed to be playing a show in May with Shiny Toy Guns! It will take place in Las Vegas on May 10 - the venue information is coming soon. They also confirmed a summer tour in support of Combichrist. Venues and dates will follow shortly as well. Perhaps this tour will warm them up for the joint Dead By Sunrise / Julien-K fall tour?

The band plays tonight at The Roxy in Los Angeles; maybe we'll have a Chester guest appearance? We'll see! Also stay tuned for our Julien-K interview in the next few days!
And here is the setlist for the show!

Death To Analog
Someday Soon
Kick The Bass
Look At U
Systeme De Sexe
Maestro(Featuring Chester)
Technical Difficulties (Featuring Chester)

Amazing! They debuted Dreamland! And as predicted Chester joined them! Thoughts?

Techinical Difficulties


the Projekt Rev Unseen Art book  and  a photo of 'skull blossom' - the pic, Chaz did for Mike

So, here's Chaz' text from the Projekt Rev Unseen Art book:

“I started painting when I was six years old, after my first real art class in school. It was my introduction to my own creativity and imagination. When I was around eight I started doing illustrations, creating my own cartoons, one of my best was Roger Rabbit. I would make copies of my drawings and sell them at school. I often spent most of my time drawing, painting and writing poetry all of which have become very important in my professional life, for obvious reasons. I find that when I get into a slump as I’m writing lyrics, painting and illustrating releases my pent up creative frustration and gets those juices flowing again. Most people don’t really know that I have been an artist my whole life because I’ve never been formally trained and mainly do it for fun. I made the Skull Blossom painting for Mike and I’ll never forget the look on his face when he realised that I had painted it myself, he and the rest of the band were like, “you did this? We had no idea, who knew?” One of the best feelings in the world completing a piece and someone saying, “that’s really good. Can you make something for me?” I love drawing my dogs and I think I’m going to do a whole series just on them. Their faces have so much character it's practically impossible to screw them up. For those of you who took the time to pick up this book, it is truly an honor and a dream to have my work published and hopefully you enjoy them as much as I did making them… -C”

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:cool: Apr 2009 10:06:07:880


Шак в твитере о Генри Николасе и Level 7  :

Sitting here on the sidelines as my friend and hero Henry Nicholas gets unjustly attacked by the US gov.
Difficult to watch the potential of Level 7 be destroyed by a gov that should be HELPING us to succed in saving the music industry...
s putting him through..

герой Генри Николс? оО...

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