Morning After Linkin Park

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Linkin Park: "Meteora" - Track-by-Track With Mike Shinoda

01 - "Foreword" (Intro)
"Foreword" is just an intro. If you know what Foley work is, it's my first attempt at Foley work. Basically, it's noises I made in the studio breaking things. We have this CD player and CD burner attached to my computer, which basically just ate shit during the writing process. It gave Chester and I such a hard time! Burning CDs which should have taken a minute were taking 20 minutes, 30 minutes, to an hour. I just got so frustrated with the thing, I put it to the side knowing that I was going to beat it with a baseball bat and that's what I did. I smashed it with a baseball bat on metal table.

12 - "Session"
"Session", is an instrumental track. I did all the beats. Joe did all the scratching. Brad and I manipulated Joe's scratching on the computer. We used digital effects on it that basically make it impossible to play! It starts out as just this piano and this beat and then beat starts kind of disintegrate then the piano starts disintegrating then the guitar comes in. It's just this nice evolution of digital simplicity to complete chaos and two and a half minutes later, you've been thrown off a cliff.


Wake Album: Minutes To Midnight      Released: 2007

An instrumental track that opens the album, the band explains in the liner notes: "This short song was created near the end of the album writing process. The dual-meaning of the word "wake" seemed an appropriate introduction to the record."

Вы здесь » Morning After Linkin Park » LP songs » Instrumentals