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Milton Keynes on DVD

Help Us Name The Dvd!
October 6, 2008

Hey everyone. I'm happy to announce that we are putting together a new live CD/DVD for you guys! We recorded the show at Milton Keynes (Projekt Rev, UK), and we will be releasing it in a DVD/CD combo pack as soon as we can get it done.

However, we're having trouble naming the we want you to name it!

Please help out by spreading the word. We want as many fans as possible to go to THIS THREAD on the message boards, and pitch in on the discussion. After we get some titles we like, we'll put them up for everyone to vote on.

Please help us name the new live CD/DVD!

-mike and LP … post448488


Wednesday, October 08, 2008 
Vote For The Name Of The New Live CD/DVD!

Linkin Park needs your help to pick the name of their new live CD/DVD! After reading through all the suggestions from fans, the band has narrowed it down to their five favorite titles! Head over to right now to vote on your favorite!

The final five are:
Linkin Park: Midnight In Milton Keynes
Sunset Revolution: Linkin Park Live In The UK
Road To Revolution: Linkin Park Live
Revolution In The Iron City: Linkin Park Live
Revolution in the UK: Linkin Park Live


понравился пост

Originally Posted by Girl_Sailor 
thanks for reminding us that anything we post becomes sole property of Linkin Park, but technically does that really hold up in court, because as far as I know, when you write or create something, of intellectual property, the minute you write it down first on a piece of paper, it has copyright, and what if I were to say mail my winning title to myself before I posted it here. Considering last I heard they didn't work out internet rules yet with regards to posting intellectual property, You can't technically OWN my idea. And if you wanted to use it , well fuck, you can buy it, its not like your rich band can't afford to pay a bit to some teenager who probably saves all their allowance to buy your stupid dvd. Stop being cheap.

Name your album. Suck on that.

I enjoy law.


Choose The New CD/DVD Name!
October 8, 2008

Thanks for all the fantastic suggestions for the title of the new live DVD/CD! Here are the ones we liked the best. Please vote for your favorite. To preserve the integrity of the vote, please do not vote more than once. This poll is simply to give us an idea of which names you guys prefer--we can't promise that the #1 choice will end up being the final DVD name...but we'll try! Thanks for you help on this!

-Linkin Park

Linkin Park: Midnight In Milton Keynes
Sunset Revolution: Linkin Park Live In The UK
Road To Revolution: Linkin Park Live
Revolution In The Iron City: Linkin Park Live
Revolution in the UK: Linkin Park Live

я за Sunset Revolution: Linkin Park Live In The UK :flag: … cddvd_name



We are excited to announce the title and release date of the new live DVD/CD!

The winning title of the DVD/CD package, due out November 25th, is "ROAD TO REVOLUTION." Thanks to all the fans who submitted names and voted, and a special thanks to LPASIANOTTER who submitted the title.

Below is the track-listing of the CD/DVD filmed and recorded live at Milton Keynes, UK. Keep checking back here for more details and secret info!!

-Linkin Park

One Step Closer
From The Inside
No More Sorrow
Given Up
Lying From You
Hands Held High
Leave Out All the Rest
The Little Things Give You Away
Breaking the Habit
Shadow of the Day
In the End
Pushing Me Away
What I've Done
Numb/Encore (featuring Jay-Z)
Jigga What/Faint (featuring Jay-Z)
Bleed It Out


Linkin Park Live CD/DVD Hits The 'Road'

October 14, 2008

Linkin Park has unveiled the track list for "Road To Revolution," a double-disc CD/DVD of the rock act performing in at England's Milton Keynes National Bowl during the European leg of the 2008 Projekt Revolution tour. The set is due Nov. 25 via Machine Shop Recordings/Warner Bros.

The 18-track "Road To Revolution" was recorded on June 29 at the 65,000-capacity Milton Keynes National Bowl. The concert was attended by nearly 55,000 fans, the biggest crowd in Projekt Revolution's six-year history, according to the band.

"We've played more than two hundred Projekt Rev shows to hundreds of thousands of fans, and while each of those gigs has been special, the Milton Keynes show has been one of the most memorable," Linkin Park co-lead singer Chester Bennington said in a statement.

"Road To Revolution" follows the Linkin Park's 2007 release "Minutes to Midnight," which has sold 2.6 million copies in the United States. The set debuted at No. 1 on The Billboard 200.

In related news, Linkin Park recently called off a handful of benefit concerts in China, which were scheduled through late October. The announcement was made via a posting on, stating that frontman Chester Bennington had injured his back and couldn't travel or perform.

Here is the track list for "Road To Revolution":

"One Step Closer"
"From The Inside"
"No More Sorrow"
"Given Up"
"Lying From You"
"Hands Held High"
"Leave Out All the Rest"
"The Little Things Give You Away"
"Breaking the Habit"
"Shadow of the Day"
"In the End"
"Pushing Me Away"
"What I've Done"
"Numb/Encore" (featuring Jay-Z)
"Jigga What/Faint" (featuring Jay-Z)
"Bleed It Out"

From Live Daily

Rockers Linkin Park [ tickets ] next month will offer up "Road to Revolution," a CD/DVD combo featuring footage recorded earlier this year. Due in stores Nov. 25th, he set houses "18 of the group's biggest hits recorded live in concert," according to a press release. The material was captured during the band's June 29, 2008 show at the UK's Milton Keynes National Bowl during the sold-out European leg of its Projekt Revolution tour.

"Over the course of the past few years, we've played more than two hundred Projekt Rev shows to hundreds of thousands of fans, and while each of those gigs has been special, the Milton Keynes show has been one of the most memorable," Linkin Park co-lead vocalist Chester Bennington said in a prepared statement. "It was one of those nights where the band and audience come together as one, and we wanted to share that experience with the fans that couldn't be there."

In addition to the concert footage, "Road to Revolution" also features "hidden bonus tracks and an eye-popping multi-page booklet that includes exclusive, never-before-seen live photos. The complete track-listing is posted at the group's website.


Road To Revolution & LP Updates

More from the new CD/DVD from the band.

-Packed in recyclable eco-friendly materials, "Road To Revolution" features hidden bonus tracks and an eye-popping multi-page booklet that includes exclusive, never-before-seen live photos.

-A live version of "Leave Out All The Rest" from Road To Revolution has been serviced to radio.

-Perhaps 'Wake 2.0' will be on the CD/DVD, included with 'Given Up'.
Source: … oduct.html

-Pooch has to say about 'Papercut' and 'Points Of Authority' not appearing on the DVD (no idea about 'Somewhere I Belong' currently), "That can't be right. I mixed those two songs. Unless they are doing some video editing for length or something those two songs were in the set list."

-"Over the course of the past few years, we’ve played more than two hundred Projekt Rev shows to hundreds of thousands of fans......" -Chester Bennington

LPLive Info:
PR02: 19
PR03: 15 (12 then 3 rescheduled, 2 not made up)
PR04: 31
PR07: 29
PR08 E: 4
PR08 U: 24
Total: 122 Projekt Revolution shows

Over 200? Where did that number come from?

-Good Charlotte will be releasing a greatest hits compilation CD which includes a track remixed by Joe Hahn called 'Young & Hopeless'. The CD is called "The Greatest Remixes" and will be out on November 25.
Source: & ... 1003873130

-Linkin Park has been nominated for the American Music Awards in the category of "Alternative Rock Music - Favorite Artist!" Help them take home the award by heading over to amavote. com and casting your vote for Linkin Park! Voting ends November 7 at 11:59pm, and the awards show airs on Sunday, November 23 at 8/7c on ABC.
Source: &

Enjoy & discuss. My questions of the day to you guys - will the LPU 8.0 CD have the "missing" MK tracks? 'Wake 2.0', 'Somewhere I Belong', 'Papercut', 'Points Of Authority'? Will they just throw in 'Leave Out All The Rest' for good measure and a short instrumental? What do you think? Will the "exclusive" tracks on the MK DVD be the extra songs from the show or will they be b-sides/demos?


Me: "Nice article.

You have to be absolutely shitting me if they cut Papercut and Points from the DVD. Wow, what on earth. Just saw the tracklist over at They keep PMA piano and HHH, but cut THE two best songs?"

Pooch: "That can't be right. I mixed those two songs. Unless they are doing some video editing for length or something those two songs were in the set list. If it's true I agree with you - those songs are classics. Out of my hands though. Sometimes they make decisions that I don't understand. But then again - I ain't the millionaire."

7 … Itemid=156


Friday, October 10, 2008, 07:26 PM
OUCH, Dddd. At least be a man (or woman) and use a name - not just bullshit dddd - so I at least know who is giving me shit. By your typing it sounds like english is your second language as well.

First off - The Milton Keynes DSP was one of only two times that an LP band member was involved in the final product that was released. This mix was approved by the band along with lots of mix notes and changes. So I guess you don't like how Linkin Park likes their music to be heard? Unlike all the other shows that I have done on my own - that one in particular the band decided how it should sound.

Second, I spent only 12 hours mixing the MK DSP and it was released - this is all the time frame allowed for. I just spent TWO WEEKS remixing the 5.1 and stereo mix for the MK DVD. The audio on the DVD is not the same audio from the DSP. So, no worries, dddd, the audio mix on the DVD is totally different than the one you think "sounds like shit."



Wednesday, October 15, 2008, 05:19 PM
I am getting tons of email from LP fans who are wondering about the songs that will be included for the MIlton Keynes DVD. The answer is this:

YES - I mixed the audio for the ENTIRE show and submitted it to Warner Brothers.
NO - I don't know which songs they are going to cut, or what songs they are going to use, and I do not know if they are going to use all of them.

Sorry it is out of my hands. - But have hope because I DID mix all of it. So as far as the audio department is concerned, they have the ability to use all of the audio from the show. What happens after I gave it to Warner? Only time will tell. … 0&y=08


Linkin Park Live Projekt Revolution Milton Keynes на ютубе

Here you can find the webcast of Milton Keynes:


Слава богу период пещерного человека закончился!

Linkin Park - Road To Revolution - Live At Milton Keynes DVD Trailer

как там Майка за попку хватают ням ням )))


[Lexx];542994 написал(а):

Here is the CD Rip of a brand new live Linkin Park offering.  It features plenty of their bigger songs, including a pair with Jay-Z.  So enjoy, LP fans. Explicit Version. Helmed by noted director Blue Leach (R.E.M., Depeche Mode, Snow Patrol, Beck), Road To Revolution, Live At Milton Keynes captures Linkin Park on its acclaimed 2008 Projekt Revolution tour in front of 65,000 fans in England. The band’s first live document in five years, the almost 80 minute concert DVD (and the accompanying CD version) will surely help fans survive a break after the group’s recent touring and before the next Linkin Park studio album.

ARTIST     : Linkin Park
TITLE      : Road To Revolution/Live At Milton Keynes
LABEL      : Warner Bros
GENRE      : Rock
BITRATE    : 194 kbps avg
SOURCE     : CD (LP)
PLAYTIME   : 01:17:18
SIZE       : 113.MB
STORE DATE : 2008-11-00

Track Listing:
1. One Step Closer
2. From The Inside
3. No More Sorrow
4. Given Up
5. Lying From You
6. Hands Held High
7. Leave Out All the Rest
8. Numb
9. The Little Things Give You Away
10. Breaking the Habit
11. Shadow of the Day
12. Crawling
13. In the End
14. Pushing Me Away
15. What I’ve Done
16. Numb/Encore
17. Jigga What/Faint
18. Bleed It Out


"Bleed It Out" Live at Milton Keynes

The video for "Bleed It Out" from the upcoming live CD/DVD, Road To Revolution: Live At Milton Keynes, is premiering now on Linkin Park's official YouTube Channel! Check it out and be sure to embed it on your site! "Road To Revolution: Live At Milton Keynes" will be released on November 24. Pre-Order the new album now in the official Linkin Park web store to get the CD/DVD and an exclusive limited edition t-shirt!



[Lexx];543777 написал(а):



[Lexx];543779 написал(а):


полностью … count=1719


Road To Revolution Secrets?

From Mike's newest blog post:

"Great review for Road To Revolution...hope you're all enjoying it. And if you look carefully, maybe you'll find something extra on there..."

Is he talking about just the 3 bonus tracks after the credits ('Somewhere I Belong', 'Papercut', and 'Points Of Authority)? Or does Mike mean that there is something actually hidden on one of the DVD files? What do you think? It seems a bit...too easy to find the 3 songs at the end of the DVD, even though it does say "You unlocked bonus content" at the end. Thoughts?

Remember, on Frat Party you had to go hunting. "Go to Main Menu then Special Features. Go back again to the Main screen and then press UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT buttons waiting about a second after each buttons. (This one works the best)"

Some people are saying there's two subtitles after the menu? Mess around and see what you guys can find.

************************ … evolution/

Technically it’s Linkin Park Road to Revolution Live at Milton Keynes.

I actually only caught wind of this cd/dvd combo this past Saturday, lying in bed, barely awake as my radio turned on automatically at 6:30 am.  KROQ was airing repeats of certain segments of Kevin and Bean from the preceding week’s shows, and the interview with Mike Shinoda stuck its way into my head.

I haven’t really been listening to my Linkin Park cds much lately, to tell you the truth.  The last cd was a fairly big departure from their previous ones, IMO, and it didn’t sink into me as easily as the others.  Still good, just different.

Since Road to Revolution is a live concert album, I was sure it would be a mix of old+new, so I was all down with that.  I went to Best Buy right after work today (hooray for getting to leave early before holidays!), and picked it up for $14.99.

The dvd plays in front of me right now as I type.  So far so good.  The spoken word rendition of Hands Held High by Mike Shinoda was pretty slick, even though it was only one verse.  That song always did give me the chills.  Jay-Z makes an appearance too, performing a couple songs with LP from their Collision Course mash up.  And that drum solo by Rob Bourdon at the end was just plain awesome.

Hidden Content? Yes sir.  After watching the dvd entirely and letting the credits roll, a menu came up saying, “Thanks for watching.  You have unlocked new content!”  Three more songs - Somewhere I Belong, Papercut (arguably my #1 LP song), and Points of Authority.  It’s like Sam Jackson appearing as Nick Fury at the end of Iron Man.  Pretty sweet.

On a side note, I saw three tents outside Best Buy when I was there.  Lining up for Black Friday already?  Guess so.  It started pouring when I left too.

Anything to get that new toy for dirt cheap I suppose.

18 … ect_review Review: 4/5 stars

Rick Florino


Linkin Park slay live. That's instantly apparent from the first distorted din to blast through the P.A. on the band's brand new live CD/DVD, Road to Revolution: Live at Milton Keynes. In fact, Road to Revolution is one of those rare live packages that works on every level. It captures Linkin Park's onstage intensity, and it sounds slick to boot. Culling a sublime set list from all three of their studio albums, Linkin Park definitely chose the right show to record. There's no shortage of hits, and the songs take on a new vibrancy that's sure to please longtime fans and draw in some newbies as well. All in all, it's a road well worth traveling with them.

(more after the jump)

Recorded during the band's June 29th appearance at Milton Keynes, Road to Revolution shows Linkin Park at their most fierce, fiery and furious. Kicking off the set with their first bona fide hit, "One Step Closer," vocalists Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda instantly ignite the mosh pit. The song brandishes a much heavier edge live, and Bennington's voice swings like a guillotine from pristine to punishing. Linkin Park don't waste any time, and each song flows into the next, with "From the Inside" instantly tailing "One Step Closer." The heavier fare like "Given Up" and "No More Sorrow" crushes and soars as necessary. Electronic flourishes coat the jagged guitars live, and Linkin Park achieve arena rock perfection on "Lying from You."

The interplay between Shinoda and Bennington channels the classic dual harmonies of Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell. However, both vocalists also possess a hip hop swagga, canvassing the stage like wolves on the hunt. That swag serves them well, when Jay-Z shows up for genre-bending live renditions of "Numb/Encore" and "Jigga What/Faint" from their boundary-breaking collaboration Collision Course album. With mash-ups via indie heroes like Girl Talk all the rage right now, it proves that Linkin Park and Jay-Z were (and still are) way ahead of their time.

The slower songs, "The Little Things Give You Away" and "Leave Out All The Rest," felt like a resurrection of U2's earlier melancholic pop stylings. However, the real standout is "Breaking the Habit." Chester's voice sounds stripped bare, but he pours a lot of heart into the track. Taking center stage over a dreamy piano melody, he guides the song to heights of rock ecstasy.

Road to Revolution is a live record packs the punch of a Linkin Park show, without the stench and sweat. On an eight-minute jam for "Bleed It Out" all hell breaks loose, and the song illuminates everything great about Linkin Park. Cranked up, these songs kill. Linkin Park deserve to continue their reign on the road and the charts.


Great review for Road To Revolution...hope you're all enjoying it. And if you look carefully, maybe you'll find something extra on there...



Пост в блоге Майка

Это дорога от непонятного, искаженного шума до того момента, когда можно взорвать зал. Совершенно новый концертный DVD группы Linkin Park – Road To Revolution: Live at Milton Keynes. Фактически, Road To Revolution – один из тех редких живых дисков, который идеален во всем. Он включает в себя всю музыкальную мощь Линкин Парка, и является тем, что так и тянет подержать в руках. Имея при себе песни из трех альбомов, Linkin Park определенно сделали правильный выбор для концерта. Нет никакой нехватки хитов, песни дают новую вибрацию, и это 100% понравится поклонникам группы и остальным слушателям. В целом – это дорога, зовущая ступить на нее и путешествовать с группой.
Записанная во время выступления в Milton Keynes (Британия) 29го июня, Road To Revolution открывает нам группу во всей своей жестокости, пламени и разъяренности. Начиная концерт с их первым добросовестным хитом «One Step Closer», вокалисты Chester Bennington и Mike Shinoda взрывают зал. Песня охватывает тяжелые гитарные рифы и агрессивный голос Честера. Linkin Park не тратит времени впустую и «Оne Step Closer» сменяет «From The Inside». Более тяжелые песни, как «Given Up» и «No More Sorrow» окончательно сносят головы толпе. Электронное звучание и острые гитарные рифы – и Linkin Park достигают совершенства при «Lying From You».
Взаимная работа Майка Шиноды и Честера Беннингтона напоминает гармонию Layne Staley и Jerry Cantrell. Однако, оба вокалиста, обладая неописуемым талантом, действуют на толпу, как волки на охоте. Добыча прибавляется, когда на сцену выходит Jay-Z и исполняет с группой «Numb/Encore» и «Jigga What/Faint» из их совместного альбома «Collision Course».
Более медленные песни «The Little Things Give You Away» и «Leave Out All The Rest» звучали подобно ранний поп U2. Однако, безусловный герой сегодняшнего дня is «Breaking The Habit». Голос Честера звучат более спокойно, но все-таки чувствуется, как он отдает душу и сердце в песни. На фоне плавной фортепианной мелодии, он ведет свои песни прямо на вершину экстаза.
Road To Revolution – живой отчет, обладающий мощностью Линкин Парка без зловония и пота. На восьмиминутном исполнении «Bleed It Out» слышатся звуки ада, и песня все больше знакомит нас с группой. Их песни переворачивают все на своем пути и убивают разум. Имея это сметрельное оружие, Linkin Park остаются господствовать на улицах и в чартах.

Перевод ms_shock.


Linkin Park - Road to Revolution [CD/DVD]

Warner Bros … d-dvd.html

Linkin Park release their second official live album 'Road to Revolution' after their recent gig at Project Revolution in Milton Keynes. The CD/DVD combo features 17 of Linkin Park's biggest hits recorded live in concert. However, this review is based on a sample CD that contains only 10 tracks, 5 of which have already been released on other albums. The other 5 being the live versions of those tracks. Therefore this review is based on those 5 tracks only.

The first of these live tracks is 'Leave Out All The Rest', one of Linkin Parks most popular songs from their 2007 album 'Minutes to Midnight'. The track begins with a cheer and the crowd begin clapping the rhythm throughout the first verse. 'Leave Out All The Rest' is performed well live with Chester Bennington's vocals being almost tuned to perfection throught the entire track, which is something difficult to do live. Although, after seeing Linkin Park live at Download in 2007, I know just how outstanding they are.

The second Live song on the CD of ' Road to Revolution' is Numb/Encore, which is performed live with Jay-Z. The crowd sounded very much like they were enjoying this; after all it is very rare that Linkin Park and Jay-Z actually perform together. The negative thing about this track though, is that they finish it as Jay-Z stops rapping just before Chester begins singing 'Numb', which is arguably the best bit about the song.

The third live track on 'Road to Revolution' is One Step Closer, one of Linkin Parks early tracks off their first album 'Hybrid Theory'. This song sounds really meaty live and was possibly the heaviest song Linkin Park perfomed at Project Revolution. It is certainly the heaviest of the 5 on this sample CD. By the improvisation and the crowd reaction, I would think this was Linkin Parks opening track of the Project Revolution gig.

'Breaking the Habit' is the next live song on 'Road to Revolution'. This is one of Linkin Parks best tracks, and so simply Linkin Park did nothing special with this track live, except to play it through from start to finish, with a small breakdown for the crowd at the end and frankly I can't blame them for it.

'Shadow of the Day' is the final of the 5 tracks of the sample CD for 'Road to Revolution'. It is simply performed again, and similarly to 'Breaking the Habit' it is performed from start to finish without much live crowd pleasing! Chester Benningotns vocals again stand out as being sublime in 'Shadow of the Day', one of the songs where he seems to strain his vocal chords the most.

Overall 'Road to Revolution' is exactly what I would expect from Linkin Park, who, when I saw them, provided one of the best live gigs I have ever been to, and I am sure that other people would agree with that.

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