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Искусство Mike's Art

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mike shinoda's "glorious excess (born)" art book (dc) … 777199711/


Its from the lpu vid..Glorious Excess with Brad :)



He's describing  his lovely night with Chestah to B-rad....

*Insert dirty images here*


James Jean is an acclaimed illustrator for DC/Vertigo comics, winner of numerous awards including two gold medals from The Society of Illustrators, and a member of MOMA's permanent collection. Although I've been aware of him for some time, this new show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, entitled "Kindling," has really struck a chord with me. Hope you like it too... … n_kindling


Jan 15, 2009
Nobody Walks in LA < Barcelona flyer exclusive>
January 23, 2009

Daily duJour LA and Atticus Gallery BCN have teamed up to bring some of the most exciting emerging contemporary Los Angeles based artists to Barcelona for an exhibition during the international Bread and Butter Fair. The newly launched wanted to make an immediate splash internationally and was only too happy to work with the young and fresh Barcelona based Atticus Gallery, whose director Tina Ziegler has strong ties to California and Los Angeles.

The show has been titled “Nobody Walks in LA,” as a reference to the stereotypical idea that Los Angeles residents are all the same – when the reality is that Los Angeles has become one of the most diverse cities and cultural melting pots in the world. The artists in the show represent that melding of culture and styles with everything from urban street to abstract expressionism. Artists in the show are both LA natives and transplants.

The exhibition will take place on Jan. 23, 2009, at the beautiful Master Art ,300 meters sq. gallery location .

Opening reception from 6 pm to 12pm.
Master Art
on Calle Johann Sebastian Bach 14, Barcelona Spain.

Exhibition on: Jan. 23 to Feb. 10, 2009

>>Exhibition will be held from 23rd to the 25th at the Masters art gallery and then transfer to Atticus Gallery from the 26th to the 10th of Feb. 2009.

Atticus Gallery is located at
Calle LLedo 10, 08001, Barcelona
In the gotico district … in-la.html


January 18, 2009 … _barcelona

For those of you in (or near) Barcelona, I have a brand new painting that will debut this week at a show called "Nobody Walks In L.A." The show takes place at Masters Art Gallery, Barcelona. Here is the info. Thanks to Beau and Cerasoli LeBasse Gallery for helping put this together.

The new piece, entitled OYAKODON, is 24"x24", and continues the theme of Glorious Excess. It will be for sale at the show, proceeds will again go charity (M. Shinoda Art Center scholarship, benefiting illustration and graphics students based on financial need and quality of work). After the show, I'll put up an image of the new piece here on for you all to check out.

Here's the info:

вот что такое OYAKODON


Ура! Картина!

Mike Shinoda (from Linken Park)
Mixed Media
61 x 61 cm/ 24 x 24 In.
3,027 Euro / 4,000 USD

Oyakodon - это японское блюдо, дословно переводится "блюдо из родителя и ребенка", потому что готовится из курицы и яиц.

Честер? :D


Nobody Walks In LA

Barcelona. Spain

что это цвета другие? :huh:

много новых фоток с открытия глориус эксес в LA 11 июля 2008 … amp;page=9 … 797545083/


Brad Delson at Shindoa's Glorious Excess (Born)

без тэгов … D=18754384



January 26th 2009, Barcelona … 118069972/


Admiring his work w/Mr.Hahn of Linkin Park/MIke Shinoda Art Show/Hollywood … Id=1745074


девчонка нашла это в инете и кинула в блог Майка

113 … barcelona/

Seen: Nobody Walks in LA from Barcelona

Presented by Atticus BCN and Dailydujour, Nobody Walks in LA opened on Saturday evening (1.23) at the Masters Art gallery in Barcelona.  The show features a diverse selection of work from LA-area based painters and marks one of the first such group exhibitions of its kind in lower Europe.

The opening drew a strong and diverse crowd throughout the evening.  While many were familiar with the artists and the general aesthetic, many others took this show as an introduction of sorts.  Thanks to the efforts of Atticus’s Tina Ziegler, the opening was a celebration of new contemporary art in many forms – from the paintings featured in the show to an exhibition of  custom lowrider bicycles and a funky fashion show featuring the new collection from MYBS on models wearing plush headwear designed by Barcelona illustrator BTOY.

114 … t_oyakodon

My new piece, entitled "Oyakodon," debuted at the "Nobody Walks In L.A." show in Barcelona! Here is an image from the show (image:

Here's more info on the show:

Click for a larger image and info on the piece.

This piece is the first release of new imagery from the upcoming GLORIOUS EXCESS (DIES) show. I will be holding the show in Los Angeles later this year. "Oyakodon" is a Japanese dish that includes chicken and egg. "Oyakodon" means "mother and child." :)

This piece is FOR SALE. If you are interested, contact: with your name, the name of the artist, title of the artwork, and your current shipping location so they can organize shipping prices. We will Email you back with your confirmation...or call them at:(0034) 697.37.6642 As usual, the proceeds from the sale of this artwork will go to charity (Michael K. Shinoda endowed scholarship at Art Center College of Design).


En Espanol:

Para comprar los cuadros porfavor Email con su nombre, el nombre de la artista, y el titulo de la cuadro tambien con la direcion donde vives. Vamos a enviarte un email con la confirmacion. Llmar: (34) 697.37.6642



эт я накатала

Posted 1 second ago by Jaclyn

Hey Mike! I join to LPfeather question about colors, why are they different? So the picture is fromGLXS(DIES), very interesting and strange beginning, the beginning of the dead man dying. Love the name Oyakodon! When i saw the version with a blue ribbon on the child's waist, i thought about the connection between the skeleton and "mother and child" by the use of the blue ribbon, the symbol of high-class, top celebs maybe :) "Mother and child" are standing, the skeleton's walking, it gives mу a strange feeling, and also a feeling that "mother and child" can't breath the same air with the skeleton. They live their life, their destiny, do it as they can. The fake celeb's just come and gone.


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Posted 26 minutes ago by mshinoda

spraypaintNinkpens: "4,000 dollars? Come on mike. Unless were jay-z we cant afford your artwork."

MS: 1.) This price is a steal, and profits go to charity. 2.) Jay-Z isn't dropping $4000 on artwork, more like $40,000 or $400,000. 3.) I like chicken, eggs, and rice.

I'll probably do prints or skate decks for GLXS Dies, so maybe you can pick one of those up if you like them. If not, you won't hurt my feelings. :)


Jaclyn написал(а):

also a feeling that "mother and child" can't breath the same air with the skeleton

отличное наблюдение, заставило меня задуматься

Mike Shinoda x DC Shoes Spring 2009
Feb 9, 2009 –   – by Nick Hanekom

Skate footwear and apparel makers DC Shoes has unveiled the next edition of its Artist Remix Series. The Spring ‘09 collection features traditional Japanese themes portrayed by Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda. The uppers/insole/outsoles all feature renditions of his latest work but what makes the shoe particularly unique is the koi scale detailing embedded into the sole. The Spring ‘09 sneakers will be in stores soon, each pair coming with a limited edition booklet of Shinoda’s work… look out for it! … ring-2009/

не, ссылка отдельно … e-Shinoda/


mike shinoda from linkin park's art show at gallery 1988. 11.19.06. … 385409273/ … =115987956

mike shinoda's debut gallery show

including the 10 paintings of fort minor, 13+ other original works of art, and 5 NEW collaborative pieces with: CRAOLA, DALEK, GARY BASEMAN, SEEN, AND MR. HAHN.

this is the first time shinoda's art will be on public display.

november 19th, 7-10pm - open to the public
november 20th, 7-10pm - private VIP party

gallery 1988 is located at
7020 melrose ave.
los angeles, ca
(southeast corner of melrose and la brea) … ?album=351

118 … 797545083/

Glorious Excess (Born)

b]msdc "xander" limited edition remix[/b] … 790979906/

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