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Leave Out All The Rest Album: Minutes To Midnight Released: 2007

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Leave Out All The Rest -- Last Single
hey guys,

i'm posting this in the LPU and LPMB to let you know that LOATR is going to be our last single off of minutes to midnight. it's been a great run on this album. when we started, we had been away for a while...but debuted with one of the biggest singles of our career, and we're excited to finish the cycle and year with a really amazing video and some of our biggest tours.

i'm writing to encourage all of you to help us promote LEAVE OUT ALL THE REST--it's rare that an album spawns five singles, but MTM has done it, and we need your help in taking this last song as far as it can go.

please help us celebrate this great journey by spreading the word, emailing and calling your radio and video stations. tell your friends and spread the word...see you soon!

-m shinoda … post366917


его послание звучит как отчаянный, безнадежный такой призыв:)
интересно, что все так плохо с этим синглом? или его как таковой еще не выпустили?


ZorkoeUho написал(а):

его послание звучит как отчаянный, безнадежный такой призыв:)интересно, что все так плохо с этим синглом? или его как таковой еще не выпустили?

во-во! они могут собрать 360 градусов зала и ноют насчет последнего, самого великолепного сингла! странные какие-то )))

a picture of 'Leave Out All The Rest' CD single coming out July 14.


Making of "LOATR" (Extended Version)


MusicIsHealthy,Jul 2 2008, 08:44 AM написал(а):

Hi guys!
Yesterday I heard an Interview with Chester at a german radio station.
And for me there's a little bennoda moment :wub:

Here is the link:

But unfortunately its all translated in german, so for the english ones here, I've translated the important part ( I hope it's all right  :D )

Interviewer: Leave out all the rest will be your new track, what is it about?
Chester: Well, I think everyone has their own interpretation, Mike won't tell me exactly what he thought when he wrote the song....



Leave Out All The Rest CD single

MP3 download of the Leave Out All The Rest CD single will be available on July 15, the CD single contains the LOATR single, In Pieces (live from Projekt Revolution, Washington DC, Aug. 19 '07) and LOATR (live from Projekt Revolution, Detroit MI, Aug. 22 '07). The import version of the CD single is now available for pre-order and will be released on July 22.

Original Release Date: July 15, 2008
Label: Warner Bros.
Copyright: 2008 Warner Bros. Records Inc. for the U.S. and WEA International Inc. for the world outside the U.S.
Genres: Rock/General

Audio CD (July 22, 2008)
Original Release Date: July 22, 2008
Format: Single, Import
Label: Warner Music TV
Product Description
UK two track CD pressing of this single lifted from their multi-million selling Minutes To Midnight album. Produced by Rick Rubin and Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda, 'Leave Out All The Rest' is a slow-burning ballad that emphasizes the power of the band's melodic songwriting. Features 'Leave Out All The Rest' plus 'In Pieces' (Live From Washington DC 2007). Warner.

1. Leave Out All The Rest (Single Version)
2. In Pieces [Live From Projekt Revolution, Washington DC, Aug. 19 '07]
3. Leave Out All The Rest [Live From Projekt Revolution, Detroit MI, Aug. 22 '07]


Linkin Park - Leave out all the rest Rock am Ring 2007



I am strong on the surface but not all the way through...

By Dell13

Stronger everyday..

My friend's dad always used to tell me that he gets stronger everyday and you can never be too strong.And most people are really good at pretending to be so strong on the outside but really they are breaking down in the inside.And i am guilty of that but i would think that everyone is at some point.It is never a crime to admit you are not strong but in the end you can always find your strength and sometimes if its not in yourself,it is in another person.Everyone has that moment where they feel they wont make it or cant go on but you just have to keep hope and you can make it.But what dont kill you can only make you stronger!!


Are you strong on the surface?

i would say so.

i don't show my feelings when i'm hurt.

i never cry in front of people either.

but those close to me know how sensitive i really am.


"I'm strong in the surface, not all the way through" переводится: " я силен снаружи (оболочка), но не внутри (ранимая душа)


LOATR in Twilight soundtrack

Track listing for Twilight soundtrack was announced today and Linkin Park's 'Leave Out All The Rest' is on the CD soundtrack, the movie opens in theatres worldwide on November 21.

Here's the full track list for the "Twilight" soundtrack, according to Chop Shop/ Atlantic:

Muse - "Supermassive Black Hole"
Paramore - "Decode"
The Black Ghosts - "Full Moon"
Linkin Park - "Leave Out All the Rest"
MuteMath - "Spotlight" ("Twilight" mix)
Perry Farrell - "Going All the Way (Into the Twilight)"
Collective Soul - "Tremble for My Beloved"
Paramore - "I Caught Myself "
Blue Foundation - "Eyes on Fire"
Rob Pattinson - "Never Think"
Iron & Wine - "Flightless Bird, American Mouth"
Carter Burwell - "Bella's Lullaby"


October 18, 2008
Really random note: our current and final single from Minutes To Midnight, "Leave Out All The Rest," is going to be the theme of November 6th's episode of CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION (9PM PT on CBS). The episode opens and closes with –- and is named after –- the song. Elements of the song are used throughout the episode to underline and score the building story of Gil Grissom and his unresolved love for Sara Sidle who recently left the crime lab. Never before has a television series built the score of an episode around a rock radio single. … l_the_rest


Video: 'Leave Out All The Rest' live from Milton Keynes

Yahoo Music Germany has posted a live version of 'Leave Out All The Rest' video from Milton Keynes, … -The-Rest-[Live-From-MiltonKeynes]--202141742


Jaclyn написал(а):

Video: 'Leave Out All The Rest' live from Milton Keynes … _.flv.html


CSI 'Leave Out All The Rest' episode preview

CBS has posted a preview of upcoming CSI episode named after Linkin Park's 'Leave Out All The Rest', watch here, the episode will air on Thursday, November 6 at 9pm ET.


Скачать CSI Vegas - Season 09 Episódio 05 - Leave Out All The Rest (.avi, megaupload, 352 mb, HDTV).


Warner Music Japan сообщат, что 26 ноября в Японии выйдет CD-сингл «Leave Out All The Rest» со следующим трэк-листом:

01 - Leave Out All The Rest
02 - Leave Out All The Rest (Live at Milton Keynes)
03 - Leave Out All The Rest (M. Shinoda Remix)

Живейший интерес для нас, конечно же, представляет третий трэк этого диска, ремикс Эм.Шиноды; от оригинала остался только вокал Честера. - скачивать с этого сайта!

моё имхо по 30 секундам - пипец, не понравилось (((

20 ноября в российском прокате стартует фильм «Сумерки» про старшеклассницу, которая влюбилась в вампира - это совершенно обычное для американской действительности дело. Пышная экранизация главного эморомана - так отечественные критики отзываются о картине. Слово «эмо» является катализатором всех происходящих в мозгу процессов, сразу же вызывая шквал негативных или положительных эмоций.

Песня «Leave Out All The Rest» стала одним из саундтрэков к этому фильму. Джо Хан и Дэйв Фаррелл посетят премьеру в Лос Анжелесе 17 ноября.


[quote name='Hahninator' date='Nov 27 2008, 05:06 AM' post='9256']
Check out  this page. Scroll down halfway until it shows you a tracklisting, and then click the blue link next to the tracks. When the popup opens, it's entitled "L.O.A.T.R." and it is a new :45 second sample of the intro of the song. Of course,  this is a translated page, which I'm sure is easier to navigate for some of you. The original :30 sample was found on  this page.

Yes, it is on a Japanese Import EP of 'Leave Out All The Rest'....just like 'In The End - Live & Rare'. The release date was November 25, which has already passed. Now, only to figure out how to buy it so we can all hear it! Any ideas?

в Опере не звучит, слушала в мозилле (новые 45 сек)

Революция свершилпсь! А теперь - дискотэка!  :D

39 … _.mp3.html

ремикс!!!!!!!!!!!! :music:


большие скрины … lltherest/

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