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Гитары Честера Guitars

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Chester Bennington is pictured with his custom built Hamer Newport. … mp;sid=179

When he was preparing to record Meteora, the second release from the multi-platinum band Linkin Park, Chester Bennington asked specifically for Hamer Guitars. Many of the other brands of guitars he had tried felt and sounded "thin", but the Hamers that he had played felt perfect.

Chester 's Hamer of choice is a Studio Custom in a Transparent Red finish (GATC-RTC) and a specially-made "Refrigerator White" Newport Pro Custom (NEWPROC) model.

To date Linkin Park has sold over 17 million records worldwide and will be starting the "Projekt Revolution" tour this summer with Korn, Snoop Dog and The Used.

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Six-String Masterpieces - Gallery 1 / DSC_7213.JPG
Painted by Chester Bennington of Linkin Park
2006 год? … 13_JPG.htm

рядом висела Painted and illustrated by Joe Hahn - Linkin Park


50 … Id=2517819


mr. kaufman and mr. benington

фото сделано до начала апреля 2007 … ID=9102598

Nick - I Guitar tech for Opiate for the Masses, also did some guitar teching for DEADSY.


Chester Bennington's Guitars

Вы здесь » Morning After Linkin Park » Chester Bennington » Гитары Честера Guitars