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LP quotes :)

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"And that's why I think music is so personal. People, you know, wear the bands that they listen to like armor, the music that they enjoy speaks volumes about the kind of person that they are." ~ Chester Bennington


New Q&A at LPN

There are new Q&A on LPN Pages of Linkin Park.

Q&A for Mike:
Q: Will you be doing more with Fort Minor sometime in the future?
A: No plans, but I did some work on an upcoming Styles Of Beyond album. It’s coming out soon.

Q: How was it being on MTV's "Punked"?
A: Did you ever pee your pants in preschool and everyone laughed at you? It’s like that.

Q: Hey, Mike! Where do you get your inspiration for your art? - StealthSneak1
A: My new stuff is inspired by pop culture and rock/punk/hip hop excess. Nobody has seen the new stuff yet though – it’s coming in July. More info to come on

Q: How do you warm up for gigs? - heyman112

A: Chill out, stretch, and figure out what I’m going to eat after we play. Tonight is Caesar salad and a steak.

Q: How were you able to perform when you broke your wrist during the show? - Heatheroz

A: The pain of disappointing the fans is way worse than a broken wrist.
Q: Where did you learn to sing? - robstar

A: I learned by singing along to my favorite records.
Q: Which country would you like to tour most that you haven't been to yet? - maurader

A: Israel, South Africa, and Egypt.
Q: I always have the WORST case of writer's block. What do you do to get over writer's block? - Kaji5785

A: I switch to other creative things like drawing or painting and it seems to work.
Q: Who do you think are some of the best vocalists in the current music scene?

A: Ryan Shuck of Julien-K, Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, Chris Cornell, and Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance.
Q: What was your favorite city to visit on this past Australia/NZ/Asia tour, and why?

A: Tokyo. Because it is so full of life and it’s the fashion capital of the world.
Q: What can you tell us about your solo project, Dead By Sunrise?

A: We rule! Our record is almost done and so far we’re really proud of all the songs.
Q: I love the new Club Tattoo designed Etnies Shoes! What gave you the idea for those?

A: Etnies is the original when it comes to street/skate shoes. We thought they would be the perfect fit for Club Tattoo.
Q: What's your favorite activity to do while you are on the road?

A: Golfing and eating.
Q: We just heard the news about Linkin Park's new headlining US tour with Coheed and Cambria as the opening act! What made you guys decide to invite Coheed and Cambria on tour with you?

A: They’re dope!
Q: What prompted you to start your own clothing line Ve'cel? Where do you draw your inspirations from?

A: We started Ve’cel because there are a lot of brands that look the same so we wanted to do something unique and edgy with an artistic feel.

Q: Is there a website where I can see your art? - Jossi

A: No website for my art, but maybe later on.
Q: Where do you guys see yourselves in 15 years? - sabadiyo

A: In 15 years, I will be President of North Korea.
Q: What's your favorite car? - Lplova

A: I like the Yugo.

Q: Brad, I'm an amateur guitarist. How did you get so good and what helped you come up with your songs? - fenderfreak123

A: I took guitar lessons for years, practiced a lot, taught guitar lessons, and listened to a lot of music!
Q: How do you feel when you first get on the stage? - pehrfy

A: Excited.
Q: What's your favorite TV show? - Chesters_Girl

A: The Shield, Project Runway, Damages
Q: What happened to the graffiti walls shown in the Meteora booklet? Are they kept in a special place? - comfortzone

A: They’re being preserved in a cryogenic chamber.
Q: What music are you listening to currently?

A: Sam Cooke, Editors, Yo-Yo Ma, Tokyo Police Club
Q: What are your favorite movies this year?

A: Once, Ratatouille, Eastern Promises, Stardust, 3:10 to Yuma
Q: How many guitars have you smashed? (If none, you should smash one now)

A: Fortunately, not too many. The guitars I play on stage are pretty special (and pretty expensive), so I try to treat them kindly! I have, however, destroyed a few in my time, some of which have been retired to various Hard Rock cafes.
Q: What type of guitar do have near your computer? (or near your tv/couch etc for sudden strokes of genius)

A: I keep an old-school hand-held recorder close for sudden bursts of inspiration. If I’m away from home, I’ll call myself and leave ideas on my voicemail.
Q: What is your favorite guitar?

A: My red PRS, custom 24, soldier with wings

Q: Will there be another remix album? - BOBXCORE

Definitely maybe.
Q: What's the most important thing to bring while on tour? - Nightshad3

A: Cholula or Tapatio (especially internationally!!!)
Q: What's the most embarrassing thing any of you have ever done onstage? - LP_Fan101

A: One time I played a wrong note.
Q: What is the secret to your success? - djjenkins

A: Rob Bourdon.
Q: What is one of your best memories while creating the Minutes to Midnight album?

A: The time we spent in the studio was amazing. Great creative experience!
Q: How do you think you have changed, personally and/or professionally, since your band has achieved success worldwide?

A: I think we’ve become more mature. I also think we treat each other better.
Q: Music for Relief is now concentrating on aiding California wildfire relief efforts as well as responding to the destruction caused by the recent cyclone in Bangladesh. Why did the organization choose to focus on these two particular natural disasters?

A: Music for Relief is an organization designed to help people in need. When we see a situation where we think we can help, we get involved.
Q: What kind of music do you listen to that people might be surprised to hear of?

A: I like classical music.
Q: If you weren't in a band what else do you think you would be doing? Any other careers that you aspired to as a kid?

A: I wanted to be a CIA hitman for a while – that was back before I adjusted into society.
Q: What are you looking forward to most on the upcoming European and US tour?

A: Seeing all our LPUers and fans worldwide.

Q: Hey guys, I'm from The Bahamas, where rock music is not popular at all. How does it feel to have fans from a variety of cultures worldwide? - SunShyneY2J

A: It’s great, I wish we could do a show in the Bahamas!! Maybe one day!
Q: Hey Rob, how long did it take you to get where you are now on your drumming skills? - Blessed_Ignorance

A: Up till today. I started playing for fun when I was 12. The process of learning and improving never ends.
Q: I want to know what is the strangest thing that you have eaten on tour? - lilmiss_robinator

A: I stick to the basics. I am a pretty boring eater.
Q: If you had to pick another band to be in (other than Linkin Park!), which would you pick and why? - nicky808

A: I would be stoked if I was good enough to play drums with The Dave Matthews Band.
Q: Do you play any other instruments, and if yes, which ones? What made you choose the drums as your main instrument?

A: I also play the piano. I chose the drums after seeing Aerosmith play when I was in the 4th grade.
Q: Chris Cornell was the opening act for your Australia show. How was that? Did you meet any other opening bands/artists on tour that you liked?

A: I think Chris Cornell is extremely talented and it was an honor to play on the same stage. I’ve been listening to his music since I was in high school.
Q: What video games have you been playing recently? Which game can you usually trump everyone else in?

A: Halo 1 was my game. I have retired for now, but might start on Halo 3 soon.
Q: How does it feel performing overseas compared to performing in the U.S.?

A: Most of the shows overseas are a lot larger than U.S. shows.
Q: What other passions do you have besides music? Is there anything recent that you've been interested in (a new band, hobby, food, sport or activity)?

A: Surfing.
Q: Your drum solo during "Bleed It Out" live is incredible! How did you come up with it?

A: I actually never have really tried doing drum solos until the other guys asked me to do them. I just play whatever comes to mind at the time with a general idea of what to do based on previous solos.
Q: Do you have time to go sightseeing in your spare time on tour? What are some sights or landmarks that you've enjoyed visiting recently?

A: I really enjoyed the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, and the National Palace Museum in Taipei.


Недавно прочла древнюю статью, там несколько интересных моментов... лично я об этом не знала

Rolling Stone
RS 891, March 14, 2002
Linkin Park
The Magnitude of Their Revenge and the Worst-Case Scenario

Bennington, who had already done hard time with a Phoenix band called Grey Daze, is a charming mix of bull-elephant certainty and childlike astonishment. Before Hybrid Theory's release, he made a bet with Myra Simpson, national promotions manager at Warner Bros. "She had a triple-platinum Stone Temple Pilots plaque," says Bennington, a huge STP fan. "She said, 'If you go gold by Christmas, I'll give it to you.' I said, 'Cough it up.' " He laughs. "I was joking."

Sure enough, Hybrid Theory was gold by Christmas 2000. "And I got my STP plaque," Bennington says, beaming. He slept with it in his bunk on the tour bus every night. "Nobody touched it."

Shinoda, 25,  is explaining how he juggled his course load at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, with shows and rehearsals in the growing-pain days of Linkin Park.

"I'd do classes from nine to four, four to seven and seven to ten at night,"  "I'd go from there to band practice in Hollywood for two or three hours, then all the way back to my parents' house and work on paintings until I couldn't do it anymore. Then I'd get up in the morning and do it all again.

"A week could be awful," Shinoda goes on, "especially if we had a show on Friday. I'd try to get my friends to come, and they'd go, 'Screw you, I've got a triptych due on Monday. I can't get the second or third painting done if I go to your show.' "

Дааа, Майк - это нечто ;D Помню только у него экзамен какой-то был в день концерта...что-то в этом роде

When he was eleven, his mother, a nurse, and his father, a Phoenix police officer and detective for thirty years, split up. "It was just me and him for a long time," Bennington says of his dad, who worked for many years investigating child-sex crimes. "He was hardened by dealing with the shit of the world every day. So he brought a lot of that home. It was a very emotional situation."

In Linkin Park's first interviews, Bennington alluded to periods of sexual abuse and drug use in his own past. He says he did so in defense of his lyrics: "It was like, 'There's a lot of songs about depression, fear and paranoia. Are you just making it up?' And I said no."

Его отец расследовал сексуальные преступления против детей?8|

"No one in my family molested me," he says firmly. "It was people who were around me. Coming from a broken home, it was easy to fall into thinking, 'This is OK.' "

Мне от этого  people  стало совсем не хорошо

In 1998, almost a year to the day before he talked to Jeff Blue on the phone, Bennington came home from a frustrating rehearsal with another band in Phoenix and swore to his wife he was quitting music.

"He was screaming and yelling, 'I'm not doing music anymore!' " Samantha remembers. "I looked at him and said, 'I'm not letting you quit. You owe me an hour of practice, whether you're singing to the radio or playing your guitar.' I also told him, 'One day, you're going to get a call from L.A. I just know it. You need to be ready.'

Интересненько ;D

Может где-то это есть полностью на русском?


What drugs inspire a good song?
We're not straight-edge, but we don't party that much.

Why not? You guys are rock stars.
It was like that even growing up. We'd rather go to somebody's house and write a song than go to a party. At parties you knew what was going to happen. You knew who was going to get drunk. But when we got together to write songs, we never knew what was going to happen. It was much more exciting.

How does the band write a song?
We get together, me and somebody else, and in a one-on-one session throw down all the ideas we can.

Austin Scaggs
Rolling Stone
March 26, 2003

we never knew what was going to happen. It was much more exciting. - i like this quote  :iloveit:

"We don't talk about situations, we talk about the emotions behind the situations," Bennington explained. "Mike and I are two different people, so we can't sing about the same things, but we both know about frustration and anger and loneliness and love and happiness, and we can relate on that level."
Jon Wiederhorn and Sway Calloway
April 4, 2003


LPN blogs updated
posted by Jas, 06/18/08 | share
Linkin Park's LPN blogs have been updated with answers to new questions from the fans.

Question: Do you ever take paintings on tour with you to finish? - ILoveMyMikeShinoda
Mike: Sometimes, but I sketch more often.

Question: When you rap, do you ever freestyle before writing the actual lyrics? - Rayzer
Mike: I usually loop the beat and see what rhythms feel best on the track. Then I figure out words.

Question: With the way you sing, how do you sooth your throats? I myself am a singer and I am interested in how people get away with the pain and if there are any exercises that are helpful? - Abitchey
Chester: Lots of water and practice.

Question: If you could be anyone in the world, who would you be? - EduardoG
Chester: Me.

Question: Hey Brad, do you play Guitar Hero (any one of them)? - TmanLPU
Brad: Yes, but I’m not as good as Chester or Mike.

Question: Brad, do you still play Trumpet? Why not add some Trumpet parts into the next record? - SassiLP
Brad: Not as good as I used to. Maybe on the next one.

Question: What's it like being in front of a ton of people when you're on stage? - black_phantom
Rob: Every night is a huge adrenaline rush when the show starts. It’s the best feeling.

Question: How long have you all known each other? - Bones850
Rob: I have known Brad, Mike, and Dave for 12 years. Chester for 10 years and Joe for 11 years.

Question: Does "No More Sorrow" reflect your opinion about today's politics around the world? What is your take on politics? - TudorBran
Phoenix: Yes and no… true false.

Question: Where do you guys get your inspiration? - doublefudge
Phoenix: From all the “Chicken Soup For The Soul” books.

Question: What do you guys do for fun on tour? - Craigie_T
Joe: We play naked twister smothered in mayo, gravy, and mustard.

Question: Have you ever seen a UFO or anything else strange? - CheGuevara
Joe: Yes. I see UFOs on occasion.


MTV Master Germany - перевод с немецкого (видимо там английский вариант почти не слышен) где-то было видео

Mike: "Brad and I met in highschool. I think we know eachother for the half of our lifes."
Brad: "Yeah, High-school-Mike."
Mike: "Yeah, High-school-Mike was more Embarassing-Mike."
Brad: "I think Joe was pretty cool in High school. I'd saw your football pic..."
Mike: "Joe would had kicked your asses off, if we were with him. I know he would never hang out with us."
Joe: "I'm now more relaxed than a few years ago."

Chester: "I knew they made a weird hip hop thing, but I didn't knew how this should fit, becuz I never heard smth like that before. And after getting the tape I went to the studio and put my vocals over their songs.I got it on friday and on saturday I called the guy how sent me the tape and asked 'when I can come out there?' "
Mike: "He was so fast, a few days later ... he said: 'I have everything done already, I've even canceled my birthday party.' He canceled his own b-day party!"
Chester: "That was freaking shit, becuz it was the best party ever!"
Mike: "He wasn't even there, haha."

Chester: "Well, Mike Shinoda... Aka Spike Minoda Aka Shinizzle, Aka ... Mike." *lol*
Mike: "Chestaaa..." *lol* "The mascot of the band is Chester Bennington. Aka...uhm...Elvis."
Chester: "M-M-M-Miiike Shinoda. That's another nick for him."
Mike: "I cannot say why we are calling Chester "Chelvis"."
Chester: "The best thing on Mike is, uhm ... you know, he's very humorous. He's pretty smart."
Mike: "The best thing on Chester is that he's passionate and the worst thing on him is that he's passionate."
Chester: "The most annoying thing on Mike? - Well I can't stand it anymore that he's freaking me out with his blain (Chasy:? you know, if you have unclean skin or you are pubescent... the lil annoying things you got then..) on his nose." ... "He will be kicking my ass after this."
Dave: "He'll never see this."
Chester: "Yes!"

Видео, одна из частей

Linkin Park Mtv Masters … tv_Masters


Jaclyn написал(а):

Mike: "Chestaaa..." *lol* "The mascot of the band is Chester Bennington. Aka...uhm...Elvis."

как мило, Майк называет Честера талисманом, приносящим счастье группе :flirt:


Question and Answers with Rob from the LPU7 Newsletter:

have a theory that “Rob” is short for “Robot”
and this is why you almost never make
mistakes during a show - please confirm or
deny. -- StrangeGirl1
I can neither confirm nor deny this. I have
practiced and played certain songs so many
times that it almost feels robotic at certain times. - Rob

What kind of job you would have now if you were not in
Linkin Park? -- mj59
I think that I would have started my own business.
Probably would have been music related. - Rob

What’s the worst part in the whole being famous thing?
-- the gluelpfan
I’m a private person and don’t like sharing too much of my
personal life with the people. Luckily being a drummer
lets me take more of a back seat when it comes to getting
recognized. We have the best fans in the world that
have always been very respectful when it comes to our
personal lives. - Rob

Have you ever thought to play another
instrument? --Guendy93
I love playing the piano. At some point I
would like to spend more time practicing
to become a better player. I love the sound
of a grand piano. - Rob

What do you do when LP is not working on
an album or not touring? --Linkink
I like to travel, usually to good surf spots.
I love to hang at the beach with my dog. I
also spend a lot of time with family and friends. - Rob

Have you ever thought of teaching drums or opening your
own drumming school? -- MiSsY05
I would consider teaching kids how to play. I think it’s
important for kids to have a musical outlet when growing
up, if it is something that interests them.
What LP song do you like to play live most? -- Ironsoldier
My favorite song to play live is “Little Things Give You
Away.” The drumming is different than most LP songs.
It’s nice to change it up in the middle of the set and focus
more on dynamics and control vs. hitting hard.

Is the direction and effectiveness of Music for Relief the way you
imagined it when you first decided to put it together? --hybridlyricist
It has exceeded my expectations. I’m surprised by the impact it has
made and the tremendous amount of support we have received. Our
fans have done a lot to spread awareness and support MFR. - Rob

Have you ever considered adding another member to Linkin Park?
-- revolutionman
No. Six is the magic number. - Rob



старая история

Dec 28 2005 8:45 AM EST
Linkin Park Can Get Back To Making Music After Settling Label Dispute
Band scored a $15 million advance on a new album expected in mid-2006. … park.jhtml

By Gil Kaufman

Linkin Park's confidence in Warner Bros. Records has been restored. The band, who earlier this year angrily demanded a release from its contract with the label, has re-signed with Warner and is expected to release the first album in the new deal by the middle of next year.

According to a report in The New York Times, the band reached a deal last week with Warner that will pay an estimated $15 million advance on its next album and gives the label an option for up to five more albums from the group, one more than was called for in their original contract. The deal also calls for the band's royalty rate to be bumped up to an estimated 20 percent, which nudges the multi-platinum six-member group nearer to the upper echelon in that category.

Neither the label nor the band would comment to the Times on the contract (and neither could be reached by MTV News at press time), but in a joint statement said, "We would like to thank Linkin Park fans worldwide for their continued support. Despite initial concerns after last year's change in ownership, the band is pleased with the direction of the company and in Warner Brothers Records' ability to effectively market their music worldwide under the leadership of [label chairman] Tom Whalley."

The band's feud began in April, when its representatives sent a letter to Warner seeking a cut of the label's upcoming initial stock offering, according to the Times. Warner said no artists would receive any stock proceeds, but the label was open to discussing the band's deal.

Talks broke down, and in May, Linkin Park demanded a release from its contract after intense negotiations with the label collapsed on the eve of the stock sale. The group said in its statement that the cutbacks expected before the IPO would make the company too weak to promote Linkin Park's album and might result in "a failure to live up to W.M.G.'s fiduciary responsibility" to market the band's music. The statement alleged that while the stock offering meant Warner's owners would be "reaping a windfall," the band said, "Linkin Park, their biggest act, will get nothing."

At the time, Warner executives chalked the band's complaints up to what they said was a time-honored negotiating ploy to get a more lucrative deal, one employed in the past by such artists as the Dixie Chicks, Beck and Incubus. The group's members have kept busy during the talks, with Mike Shinoda recently releasing The Rising Tied, the debut album from his hip-hop side-project, Fort Minor (see "Linkin Park MC Gets Director With Flair For Video With Flares"), and singer Chester Bennington recording his first solo track for the upcoming soundtrack to "Underworld: Evolution."


Freaky stuff no one does...
...unless you're totally, definitaly obsessed with LP

LP finds its way onto your nailpolish.
Your room becomes Hybrid Town Center
You get a piece of cardboard, write 'LINKIN' on it, travel to your local park, and stick the cardboard over the actual name of the park. Now it reads 'LINKIN PARK'.
You can't sleep without hearing LP on the stereo
You can't sleep without saying Goodnight to all your posters, and the guys, and the Hybrid Theory Soldier guy.
You see copies of the band members everywhere(ex: "I swear Mike was driving his purple car down my street yesterday!")
Someone is walking down the street wearing a checkered shirt or pants and you immediately think 'hey! That's Chester!' and when they get closer to you and you realise it's a woman, you say to yourself, 'Chester! In a woman suit.' And get all
depressed coz it's not Chester then cheer up and start laughing at the thought of Chester with boobies.

LP comes into every possible conversation.
You've made your parents make Chicken Fricassee.
You collect things that relate to LP in the slightest way
Your cat is now called Hybrid Theory Cat!
If you have a dog, or when you get a dog, you name it Bessie after Mike's little mutt.
Your pictures file exceeds 550 pics (about 10 megabytes).
When you get ur LPU stuff, you take all the things out and marvel at them then when you get to your Tshirt, you sniff it and say 'This smells like Mike Shinoda'.
You say something like' And I,' and you HAVE to say 'Just wish that I didn't feel like there was something I missed' after it
You raided the phone book looking for Shinoda's, Bennington's, Delson's, Hahn's, Farrel's and Bourdon's and freak out if you find one with the exact same initials as a band member.
You walk into the classroom at school and everyone shuts up and starts watching you to see if you'll say anything about LP. When you don't, they ask questions like 'What's up? Did LP not win anything last night?' or something.
When you go into the classroom all depressed, people ask you if LP died or something.
You refuse to call your pillow 'Pillow' as it is now known as 'A Place for your head'.
People are amazed cause you know exactly what LP is doing right now.

People have started calling you a band member's named cause you're too obsessed... and you answer to that nickname
Instead of your bf/gf/kids' pic in your wallet, you carry around LP.
You call your diary after one of the guys. (101 'Dear Mike... ')
You have LP doodles all over your notebook and when there comes a time to actually write notes you can't find room.
Your bf/gf thinks you love LP more than them and sometimes, they're right.
Your CD Player is soooo used to having LP in it that it screws up anything else.
Your parents know your favourite Lp songs coz they're the ones played most often.
when your parents tell you off cause you wanted to buy ANOTHER LP shirt, you go in your room and listen to something else. that way your parents KNOW they did something wrong.

Whenever u have a pencil on ur hand, u write down any LP lyric on any surface.
The first thing u say to a person when u've just met him, after the "Hi", is: "Do u like LP?"
When u enter ur class-room, u jUmp over a table and start singing LP songs.
you imagine a lot of stories about meeting LP, but you picture them so real, that u actually "Live" it. *
After you've used any of their quotes, u say exactly who said it, when he said it and where it was said.
You tell everyone a bizillion times about how Joe played with your ear and you hugged Chester at a M&G
You didn't want to wash your LP shirt cause it had Chester's sweat on it
You keep the recipt from your LP concert ticket cause they took your ticket away
You can't remember what color your walls are cause you haven't seen them in so long.
On your birthday you told people that asked you what you wanted was 'Anything LP related'
You dye your hair the colours that LP have theirs
You call the color red 'Mike Color'
You cry when you find out the Linkin Park aren't coming to the biggest music fest of the year
You cry when you see their vids for the first time.
You start screaming in the record store when you first see Frat Party...
You own hybrid, and know ALL the words
You have burned copies of all of LP's tracks available on the net
You know all of the words to these tracks
Your friends that don't own the CD know all the words.
Your parents know all the words.

Your 3 year old sister knows the words
You dream about them at, a lot.
You get drunk with your friends and spend 45 minutes arguing about who's better
You show your mom a picture and make her pick the best-looking one to put on your shirt.
You have a Linkin Park tape, with all their performances, etc...
You have spent £/$ 600 on merchandise
You talk to people like this: Rap, rap, SCREAM...rap, rap, SCREAM...
Your getting the logo tattooed on your ass
You get ALL the logos tattooed on your ass
You get all the logos tattoed on your ass, as well as chester's flames and fishes on your arms
Your hairstyle changes every time your favorite band member does.
Your mate's changes every time another band member does
You can name all the styles Chester has had his hair in order and in what time period and all of mike's hair colors.
You dress up as a soldier with dragonfly wings for haloween,
You have over 3000 posts in the Official Message Board
You have over 3000 post on ALL LP message boards
You have home-made LP boxer shorts
You use up a whole ink cartrige in you printer purely on LP pics
You then spend 5 hours aranging the pics in an Bfoot LP collage for you wall
You scream "i dont knooooooooowwww the answer!" at your teacher
You mumble lyrics "high voltage" when mad and irritated
You have bought 5 copies of hybrid, because the first 4 got over-played
All of your other CDs are competely unscratched because you never listen to them
All of your other CDs are gathering dust in a box under your bed
You have no other CDs
You can happily listen to Hybrid theory non-stop for 6 hours and not get bored.
You put Hybrid on and mosh around your room screaming into a hairbrush every night, for relaxation
Your baby brother wants you to burn a CD for him and for all his friends
Your baby brother becomes a mini-mosher under your influence
You won't accept dates from anyone who doesnt like LP, who doesnt look like LP, who isn't LP.
You read the same LP interview over 10 times and laugh at their jokes like its the first time you've heard them
You have over 1000 articles of LP
You have EVERY LP appearance on tape, every tv appearance and every articles.
You have Travelled the country/world to see every show of the tour
You're considered the "linkinparkopedia" cause you know so much about LP
You hear someone playing LP on their radio while your walking down the street and you flag them down and talk to them for a half an hour about LP
You accidentally call your boyfriend (or girlfriend) a band member's name in a fit of passion
You have all the lyrics to Hybrid written in your school notebook and you hand them as your math homework.

You stay off school to sit and surf the net all day for LP stuff
Your friends stop listening when ever the names chester, mike, joe, brad, rob, or phoenix come up in conversation... which seems to be every 10 minutes
You have to stop what your doing when hearing your favorite song on the radio cause you KNOW its so much better to hear it on the radio than on cd
You harass a DJ for almost 5 hours because he didnt have Linkin Park, proceed to make him play at LEAST two songs off of the Hybrid Theory you had in your car, and argue with him for callin' LP "pop"
You have this site as your home on your browser
The only folders in your browser favourites are 'LP' and 'OTHER'
You play the guitar, and know how to play all of LP song written
You play the guitar and the only thing you know HOW to play is LP songs
You bought a guitar especially to learn how to play them and it's an Ibanez cause that's what LP plays with.
You tell all your friends to SHUT UP WHEN I'M TALKING YOU YOU! when they try to interupt you
You eat nothing but Cheetos (in honor of Chester).
You fail all your exams because you were listeing to LP through all of your lessons
You don't turn up for your exam because you can't take your discman into your exam
You decide to have six kids(all boyS and name) and name them after the band's member's name/nicknames(cause it is Mr Hahn, and not just Joe)
Your sitting in class and the only words you catch of a lecture are "step," "closer" "crawl" "runaway" "shut up" etc... and you automatically start singin the song under your breath
You got your cd player and cds stolen out of ur car and just because they didnt take ur LP cds you didnt call the cops.
You listen to LP IN the shower
LP are so much more important than showering
When an LP concert got cancelled, you were in such denial that you drove 3 1/2 hours to the venue, just to make sure! .
You sent MTV a nasty letter saying how this years VMAs sucked cause Lp didnt win anything
You can't wake up unless Crawling is screaming out of your stereo

Originally Posted by Mike Shinoda
this has got to be one of the funniest posts j've read here on i'm going to tell the rest of the band to check it out. they probably won't post, but I they'll get a kick out of it. especially the one about chester in the woman suit. and the pillow one. hahaha


Also known as Xero (1996 "1998) Hybrid Theory (1998 "1999)
Origin Agoura Hills, California, USA
Genre(s) Nu metal Rap rock Alternative rock
Years active 1996 "present
Label(s) Warner Bros., Machine Shop
Associated acts Dead By Sunrise Fort Minor Grey Daze Jay-Z Relative Degree Tasty Snax
Chester Bennington Rob Bourdon Brad Delson David "Phoenix" Farrell Joe Hahn Mike Shinoda
Former members
Kyle Christener (Stand-in) Scott Koziol (Stand-in) Mark Wakefield (1996-1998)

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REVIEWS/Projekt Revolution 02/02/02

From the minute the doors opened, until the last chord was strummed, the Alliant Energy Center was "Crawling" with energy at the sold-out Linkin Park show Saturday.

Playing material from their platinum-selling Hybrid Theory album and others from their re-released Hybrid Theory EP, Linkin Park lived up to their standards, proving their best-selling album was all thanks to hard work and dedication.

The show began with opening band Adema, and their hit song "Giving In". Their 30-minute set included "The Way You Like It", "Freaking Out", Do What You Want To Do", and other various tracks from their latest album. Frontman Marky Chavez provoked the crowd with his all-too-appealing request. "Sing along you mother fuckers!" The mosh pit was in full effect with body surfers flailing this way and that.

While Adema left the stage, DJ Z-Trip pumped up the tireless crowd, scratching records, while the next band got set up.

Cypress Hill came out and rapped, added some rock, they did it all in the 45 minutes they were on stage. The group played material from their new album Stoned Raiders, as well as older hits such as "Insane In The Brain" and "How I Could Just Kill A Man". Cypress Hill brought their pro-pot ideas to action, stimulating and shocking the crowd wildly, particularly in bringout out a bong on stage during their song "Who Wants To Take A Hit From The Bong?" Once again DJ Z-Trip added in some record scratching as Cypress Hill left the stage.

Finally after the long awaited arrival, Linkin Park appeared on stage, opening with "By Myself". The venue's no moshing, no body surfing policy was completely forgotten as Chester Bennington pointed out. "I see a lot of you fuckers surfing and moshing out there. We love that. Just show each other some respect. When somebody falls down, you pick 'em up!" Bennington also added, "The strongest woman is a woman who comes to a Linkin Park concert. So when a woman crowd-surfs, that does not give you permission to grab her breasts."

The crowd rocked along as the band played many favorites including "Crawling", "Papercut", "With You", "In The End", and other tracks from the Hybrid Theory album. They also added other songs from the Hybrid Theory EP including "Step Up" and "Part Of Me."

The stage represented much of the Hybrid Theory album, with two statues of the street soldiers which appear on the album cover. The band was certainly not confined to the stage though, as vocalists Bennington and Shinoda jumped into the sea of fans, becoming "One Step Closer" to the crowd.

Linkin Park closed with "One Step Closer" along with the help of fellow tourmates Adema and Cypress Hill. The crowd was the loudest it had been all night, everyone chanting the key words: "Shut Up".

The Projekt Revolution Tour, this being the fourth stop along the way, wraps up in San Diego on February 24th, 2002. Be sure to catch the band on tour in your area.

Review by: Nicole


Linkin Park's Magic Mix


Onstage, Jan 1, 2002 … /index.htm

If you think the aggressive, in-your-face refrain “Shut up when I'm talking to you” from Linkin Park's hit song “One Step Closer” is all that the band is about, listen again. There's a lot more to their blend of alternative, metal, hip-hop, and electronica than just singer Chester Bennington's high-energy vocals.

Mike Shinoda's deft MCing provides a streetwise counterpoint; guitarist Brad Delson's tuned-down power chords add a distorted backdrop; DJ Joe Hahn's tasty turntable scratches and sample work fill in the spaces; and drummer Rob Bourdon and bassist Phoenix contribute a thumping rhythm section.

Beyond musical prowess, Linkin Park's success is also built on a foundation of stellar songwriting. The tunefulness of the compositions on Hybrid Theory sets the band apart from many of their contemporaries. The band members also spend a great deal of time meticulously working out arrangements, which they re-create live with the aid of triggered samples and loops.

The guys in Linkin Park aren't just tight onstage; they're close on a personal level too. In fact, Shinoda, Bourdon, and Delson have been friends since their Southern California high school days. Their friendship has helped them persevere in the rough-and-tumble music world. “We all met as friends, and that's why we're still together as a band,” says Hahn. “We're all homies,” says Delson. Shinoda agrees: “We knew each other pretty well in school, but we definitely grew together this past year on the road. Knowing someone as well as I know Brad makes it as easy for me to say to him, ‘Hey, I don't like that guitar part,’ as it is to say, ‘Hey, bro, go take a shower.’”

During the past year, the band toured ceaselessly, and all the hard work has paid off in a big way. At the time of this writing, Hybrid Theory has been on the Billboard 200 album chart for almost a year, peaking at No. 7. The band participated in many of 2001's major tours (playing prominent supporting roles at Ozzfest and Family Values) and headlined their own excursions in the United States and Europe.

Linkin Park differs from many other bands in the degree of respect and attention that the members give their fans. The band regularly signs autographs and mixes with the crowd after a show, regardless of the venue's size. “It really doesn't matter,” says Shinoda, “as long as we get to go down into the crowd to sign stuff and hang out at some point after the show. That's arguably the most important part of the night.”

With a DVD project, a Hybrid Theory remix CD, and the next album planned for 2002, Linkin Park is poised for another busy year. And if they tour as much as they did in their rookie year — 325 days — they may single-handedly revive the slumping concert industry. I caught up with Shinoda, Hahn, and Delson just as Linkin Park was about to embark on a headlining tour of England, France, Germany, Holland, and Austria.

Does Hybrid Theory's success surprise you guys?

Shinoda: I can't even imagine who all those people buying the album are.

Hahn: I'm amazed at how many people have received our music. We are very blessed to have been given the opportunity to expose our music to so many different people.

The production and mix on the album are top-notch. Was it hard to translate the songs from Hybrid to a live situation?

Delson: The main challenge was working out all of the samples so that Rob and Joe could play all of them live.

Shinoda: Re-creating the sampled sounds onstage was really difficult, especially in the beginning. We had to figure out where to store all these samples and keyboard sounds. A lot of samplers that we considered didn't do all the things we needed them to do.

What solution did you come up with?

Delson: Rather than run a DAT, Joe uses two turntables and [Akai] MPC2000 samplers, and Rob uses drum triggers to incorporate all the sampled elements from the record.

Shinoda: We want to do everything live. Hearing sounds that you can't see being performed during a show has always been something we've wanted to avoid.

Joe, I understand that you take some custom vinyl on the tour to scratch in some of the sounds from Hybrid Theory.

Hahn: I custom-make my own sounds on vinyl so I can scratch exactly what I want. There's no limit to what sounds I can manipulate live. When we write songs, we're aware that we need to be able to perform live what's recorded.

Shinoda: Joe and I made an original record for him to scratch with certain key samples on it, and we pressed up 100 of them so that he can now scratch in certain samples from the record instead of just pressing them on a pad. There are some underlying looped materials, too, but all of the parts that grab your attention are played by hand. We recently upgraded to three samplers onstage, plus backups.

Anything else about your DJ rig you'd like to share, Joe?

Hahn: I use the Vestax PDX-2000 turntable because of its versatility. I run my records and manipulate guitar effects through a Rane mixer [see Fig. 1].

Brad, I have seen pictures of you wearing headphones while playing live. Are they for monitoring?

Delson: If I told you, I'd have to kill you.

Shinoda: Those are actually shooting-range headphones [for hearing protection] with sticker designs he has me do for him. Making the headphones is always a fun little thing for us, but we can get so serious about it.

Let's talk about sound checks. Different bands have varying approaches. How do you guys deal with them?

Shinoda: We know what it's like to get shafted by the headlining band and to battle with crappy sound during a show, so we try to be considerate and generally like to get offstage quickly.

Delson: We'll be using sound checks on the headline tour to work out some new and old material to incorporate into the set, songs like “My December” and “Carousel.”

What would you like to accomplish on the headlining European tour?

Delson: We are really excited about incorporating all of our new set and stage-production elements into the show. The band designed the new pieces with Michael Wetstone, who has worked with everyone from Korn to Eminem.

Shinoda: We all have a lot of pent-up aggression from the past few months, and we're planning to let it out. This upcoming tour includes some of the biggest venues we have played. We practically sold out London [Docklands] arena without announcing an opener, which is a first for us.

Will you be trying out new gear on the tour?

Delson: I'm using two extra Boss effects pedals, the Auto-Wah and the Phaser, to re-create the guitar sounds on another old song we'll be playing called “Step Up.”

What about new songs? Will you be adding anything to your repertoire?

Shinoda: We're planning to do some cool old songs, some songs that nobody's heard us play live before. We're going to play a couple of songs that aren't on Hybrid Theory — songs that can only be found online. You can find the MP3s if you ask around on the chat room or message board. We released 2,000 copies of a five-song demo made back when the band itself was actually named Hybrid Theory.

What was it like playing Ozzfest?

Delson: Ozzfest was like rock 'n' roll summer camp, but instead of eating lunch with the arts-and-crafts teacher, you're sitting there next to Ozzy Osbourne or the guys from Slipknot.

Shinoda: It was my first metal tour, so I wasn't that familiar with the mode of communication between the band and the crowd. Contrary to what I had believed, spit and middle fingers mean the crowd likes it, and I came home cursing more than I ever had in my life.

Did the number of bands create logistical difficulties?

Shinoda: As far as getting the gear onstage to play, Ozzfest was a nightmare. They used a turntable stage, and our guys had just 45 minutes to set up the entire stage. No sound check. It's like all the hassles of a radio promo show multiplied by two months. But everybody seemed to pull it off.

You guys tour a lot. Is it difficult being away from home so much?

Shinoda: The easiest way to get us in a bad mood is to start talking about being away from home a lot. We love being at home, so it's really hard — especially touring for 325 out of 365 days like we did last year. We do as much as we do with the fans because it helps remind us of what we're out there for. We're starting a fan club as a means of giving back. But not a normal fan club where you just get a T-shirt and newsletter.

How will it be different?

Shinoda: We're putting together an organization that will offer tons of exclusive stuff — like previews of new music, contests, chances to meet the band, and advance concert tickets. I can't even list all the things we want to do.

Life on the road can make even the most level-headed people do things they might not normally do, just to keep from going nuts. How about you guys?

Shinoda: We are generally very mellow, but when the crazy stuff happens we're like little 13-year-old pranksters.

How so?

Shinoda: I remember Chester mooning people up and down Bourbon Street, and Coby from Papa Roach jumping out of a bathroom and peeing on Phoenix [the bassist, not the town]. Joe convinced our bass tech to hang out in the hotel restaurant in his underwear once, and Chester and I have a thing for stealing golf carts.

Describe a typical day on the road.

Shinoda: Half the band sleeps later than one in the afternoon. Before they get up, the rest of us basically go off and do our own thing: eating, working out, shopping for records and knick-knacks. When I go out in the morning, I try to go sightseeing a little bit — even if that means just going to the local magazine store or mall. We have lunch together, then do some interviews, and usually meet with some fans. Then we drive to the venue, talk some more to the press, and then prepare for the show. After the show, we hang out with the fans for about an hour. Then there's usually a radio station meet-and-greet before we get back to the bus to watch movies, play video games, and record some music before we drive to the next city.

Talk about the next record.

Hahn: It'll be the next chapter in our growth as a band.

Shinoda: We all have criticisms about Hybrid Theory that will play a part in writing the next CD. I want to push the lyrics up a notch and make them a little more visual and challenging while combining some new, innovative electronic elements with our sound. The songwriting will still be tight, but you'll find a lot more complex writing going on. And Joe plans to say “fuck” all over it.

Do you guys ever jam or collaborate with other bands and musicians?

Delson: We're planning on releasing a remix CD in early 2002. We've brought out some of our favorite DJs, producers, and creative people to reinterpret and reconfigure songs from Hybrid Theory. [Artists such as] Jay Gordon from Orgy, Humble Brothers, Z-Trip, and DJ Crook from Team Sleep, to name a few.

Shinoda: There will be a lot of variety in the remix-CD lineup. Hopefully, the Crystal Method and Dilated Peoples will work with us too. We're not really into jamming, but collaborations outside the band happen occasionally. Joe and I did a track with X-Cutioners for Loud Records that I think will be out soon. It's a little more on the hip-hop side, but still has an aggressive, energetic feel to it.

Hahn: Chester just did a song with Cyclefly and also with DJ Lethal, and Mike and I just finished a track with the Visionaries too.

What music has influenced you, and what discs have been in your CD players lately?

Hahn: DJ-wise, I love the Invisibl Skratch Piklz and X-Cutioners. I also listen to DJ Shadow, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Tool, and Dr. Octagon.

Shinoda: I used to listen to a lot of Boogie Down Productions. KRS-One really grabbed me when I was just getting into hip-hop, partly because of the things he talked about and the stories he told. Right now I'm listening to System of a Down, Dilated Peoples, and the Start. There's so much music out there to like.

Delson: I have been listening to Dave Matthews, Deftones, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, the Roots, Coldplay, and Tribe lately.

All of you guys seem very connected to your families and community. For instance, Chester is selling his car and donating the money to the Take Me Home animal-protection group. Do you do benefit concerts?

Shinoda: We all want to make the most of the opportunity we've being given, and that includes giving time and energy to groups that we like. We played a show early this past year that benefited breast cancer research, and we hope to do more for AIDS research and prevention groups.

Recently you've been on the road almost constantly. Any break in sight?

Shinoda: Right now I'm taking my first real vacation this year, yet every day of it, I'm working on our new Web site designs, our new DVD and remix CD, and the next album. We all feel very lucky that our hard work has paid off, and we're going to keep on working hard in hopes of continuing this way.

Randy Alberts is a California-based musician, author, and audio and music journalist. His first book, TASCAM: 25 Years of Recording Evolution, is in final print production at Hal Leonard Publishing.
Bus Tracks: Linkin Park's Mobile Recording Rig

Linkin Park loves to play live, but that energy is equally matched by the band members' desire to record. The band's early tracks were made in Mike Shinoda's tiny bedroom studio in 1996, long before the guys played their first live gig. Now, with such a grueling touring schedule, it's hard to find time to go into the studio. Instead, they bring the studio with them on the tour bus, where they recently have been recording tracks for their new album. Shinoda gives Onstage the lowdown on Linkin Park's mobile studio.

Describe the studio as well as the gear and how you're using it.

It all sits in the back lounge, which is about 8 feet wide, 12 feet long, and 7 feet tall. We have a dual-processor [Apple Macintosh] G4 with a flat-screen monitor running Digidesign Pro Tools 5.1 Mixplus, [which includes] a 24-bit 888/24 I/O box and a seven-slot Magma expansion chassis with one Mix Core card and two DSP Farm cards for all the plug-ins. We also have a Roland JV-1080 [synth module] with an Orchestral expansion card, an Emagic Unitor-8 [MIDI interface], a Glyph rack with three hot-swappable hard drives, and a VXA tape backup drive. I use Mackie HR824 powered monitors; I seem to get my best mixes with those and a pair of Sony headphones. We do the scratch vocal tracks with a Shure SM58.

How do you approach your recordings?

We're not a jam-oriented band, so we want to record everything — the samples, drums, guitars, bass, scratching, and vocals — as we're writing. We like to record lots of options for parts, if we can, and then pick from the best stuff. We generally record something as soon as we come up with it so that we don't end up playing it for weeks and getting stuck on it out of pure repetition. We want to like something because it's good, not because we've listened to it so much that it's stuck in our heads.

Does a computer-based recording system help a lot in the crowded confines of a bus?

It allows us to use plug-in software and make the most of our limited space. The plug-ins sound great and don't take up any space in the bus, either. The extra [DSP Farm] cards give us the kind of processing power we need to use plug-ins like [Line 6] Amp Farm and [Antares] Mic Modeler, among other digital effects.

Do you ever bring your studio gear into your hotel rooms?

Nope, we pack everything onto the bus in two cube racks and mount it all to the floor. We build the studio on day one of the tour and tear it down at the end. We manage to record pretty often while at a venue and even a little bit when the bus is moving. The only thing we can't record on the bus is the vocals, because of all the background noise.

Isn't it difficult to concentrate on recording with all those groupies hanging around?

[Laughs.] Yes. Our next album is going to be entirely about groupies. It's going to be called Who Is This Drunk Person Standing in the Front Lounge of Our Bus, and Who Forgot to Lock the Door?
Linkin Park Gear

Mike Shinoda: guitar, vocals, MC
PRS Custom 24 guitar
Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier head
Mesa/Boogie 4×12 cabinet
Audio-Technica ATW-R73X guitar wireless
Audio-Technica ATW-T73 wireless vocal mic

Chester Bennington: lead vocals
Audio-Technica ATW-T73 wireless vocal mic

Joe Hahn: turntables and samplers
Vestax PDX-2000 turntables (2)
Rane TTM 54i Performance Mixer
Behringer Eurorack MX602A mixing console
dbx 166 stereo compressor
Boss GT-5 Guitar Effects Processor (for distortion)
Whirlwind MultiDirector DI
Akai MPC2000
Akai MPC2000XL
Iomega Zip 250 Drives (2; store samples for loading into samplers)
Furman PL Plus power conditioner

Rob Bourdon: drums
Gretsch drums:
22" × 18" kick
10" × 12" rack tom
12" × 14" rack tom
16" × 18" floor tom
14" × 4½" snare
14" × 5" snare

Zildjian cymbals:
18" A Custom Crash
19" A Custom Crash
20" A Custom China
14" A Custom Hi-Hats
22" A Custom Ride

Akai S6000 sampler
Akai MPC2000XL sampler
Alesis DM5 drum module
Rane Headphone Mixer MH4
Rane Crossover SAC22 (stereo two-way crossover) for shaker
Aura Shaker
Mackie M-1400i power amp
Pintech Pads (2; freestanding triggers)
Roland KD-7 Kick Trigger Unit
ddrum Trigger (on snare)
Whirlwind MultiDirector DI
Gibraltar Cage System
DW 5000 kick pedals
Furman PL Plus power conditioner

Brad Delson: guitar
Terry C. McInturff Taurus Sportster guitars
Ibanez 7-string guitars
PRS Custom 24 guitars
Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier heads (2)
Mesa/Boogie 4×12 cabinets (4)
Shure UHF guitar wireless
Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner
Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer
Boss DD-5 Digital Delay
Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble
Furman PL Plus power conditioner

Phoenix: bass
Music Man Stingray 4- and 5-string basses
Ampeg SVT Classic heads (2)
Ampeg SVT 8×10 cabinets (2)
Shure UHF guitar wireless
Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner
dbx 160A Compressor/Limiter
Tech 21 SansAmp PSA-1
Demeter Tube Direct
Furman PL Plus power conditioner
A Linkin Park message board.
A full-featured fan site.
The band's official site.

For more of the interview with Linkin Park's FOH engineer, Brad Divens, go to and click on

Mixing Linkin Park

Brad Divens, Linkin Park's front-of-house engineer, spoke to Onstage as the band prepared for its late-summer 2001 European headlining tour.

What's the biggest challenge you face mixing Linkin Park?

I would say probably the most challenging thing is finding the right blend between turntables, sampler, and the guts of the band — drums, bass, and guitar. It's kind of tricky sometimes to get that stuff [turntables and samplers] to sit in there right. They kind of overpower [everything]. One thing I pride myself on during the mix is being able to hear every little thing in its own space.

Is the signal from the turntable mostly upper-mids and highs?

It seems to sit somewhere between 1 and 3.15 kHz, which is where the meat and bite of the guitar sits. So I generally roll a little 2.5 kHz out of the turntables, and boost about 900 Hz in the guitars. And maybe just a little 3 kHz [in the guitars], trying to get that edge. Of course, I'm compressing the guitars, and I'm compressing the turntables.

What compression settings do you use for them?

The ratio on the sampler and turntables is like 6:1, with maybe like -10 dB threshold and no makeup [boost] on the output. Guitars are probably 4:1 and just slight compression, just to keep them in check. Again, with different tunings, different guitars, and different effects, sounds tend to not be the same all the time.

How do you set the compression on the vocals?

That can vary between 4:1 and 6:1 [threshold usually -10 dB, output between +3 and +5 dB], depending on the room, depending on the way the singer is attacking the microphone that night.

What do Shinoda's vocals require from a compression standpoint?

His compression is a little lighter than Chester's, because Chester will really lay into his vocal, into the mic, whereas Mike tends to be soft one minute and loud the next. So a lot of times, I find myself with my hand on the input-gain knob on the channel strip, just to get him up even a little more sometimes — because I'll have the fader like +10, and I'm still not getting what I need.

What kind of dynamic processing do you use on the drums?

I normally run a gate comp on both kick mics and the snare top [see Fig. A]. Both kick mics are probably 2:1 compression [threshold and output 0 dB] and snare is maybe 3:1 or 4:1 [threshold -5 dB, output 0 dB]. Again, it's just something to keep it in check. Plus [Bourdon] tends to hit harder on some songs than other songs.

And on the bass guitar?

That's probably about 4:1 as well. The bass DI is -10 dB at the threshold and 0 dB on the output. The bass mic is -20 dB and +5 dB.

How much of the material uses a click?

The entire set. They like their songs to be like the record. And because everything is sequenced, it has to be the same tempo.

Now that Linkin Park has really hit it big, do you notice any difference in how the band and crew are treated?

I want to say it's a little better now. But I'm the kind of guy that will roll into a gig and get along with everyone, and things tend to run really smoothly. I get what I get, and if there's something that I really need, I'll try to get it. But if not, I'll just make it work. It's all about the songs in the end anyway. I'm just lighting the candles on the cake.
—Mike Levine

Input List: Linkin Park Ch. Input Mic Insert
1 kick Shure Beta 91 gate/comp
2 kick Audio-Technica AT25 gate/comp
3 snare top Audio-Technica AT23HE gate/comp
4 snare bottom Audio-Technica AT23HE gate
5 hi-hat Audio-Technica AT4041
6 rack tom 1 Audio-Technica AT35 gate
7 rack tom 2 Audio-Technica AT35 gate
8 floor tom Audio-Technica AT35 gate
9 ride Audio-Technica AT4041
10 overhead (stage right) Audio-Technica AT4050/CM5
11 overhead (stage left) Audio-Technica AT4050/CM5
12 bass Demeter Tube DI comp
13 bass Audio-Technica AT4054 comp
14 guitar (stage right) Audio-Technica AT4050/CM5
15 guitar (stage right) Audio-Technica AT4050/CM5
16 guitar Audio-Technica AT4050/CM5
17 guitar Audio-Technica AT4050/CM5
18 DJ 1 L DI
19 DJ 1 R DI
20 DJ 2 L DI
21 DJ 2 R DI
22 drum rack DI
23 vocal 1 Audio-Technica ATW-T73 wireless comp
24 vocal 2 Audio-Technica ATW-T73 wireless comp
25 vocal 1 (spare) Shure SM58 comp
26 vocal 2 (spare) Shure SM58 comp
FIG. A: This table shows mics and inserts that the Linkin Park guys use on tour.


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