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Новости News

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Linkin Park Live Guide - 2009

25.07.2009   Pori, Finland, Kirjurinluoto Arena, Sonisphere Festival
26.07.2009   Санкт-Петербург (St. Petersburg), Russia, Telebashnya Stadium, Tuborg Greenfest
28.07.2009   Zürich, Switzerland, Hallenstadion
30.07.2009   Stuttgart, Germany, Cannstatter Wasen

01.08.2009   Knebworth, England, Knebworth Park, Sonisphere Festival
02.08.2009   Gräfenhainichen, Germany, Ferropolis
07.08.2009   Japan, Summer Sonic Festival
08.08.2009   Japan, Summer Sonic Festival
09.08.2009   Japan, Summer Sonic Festival


Austria Show Announced
Linkin Park will be playing at Stadthalle in Graz, Austria on Thursday, July 23. LPU members can purchase pre-sale tickets starting Saturday, March 14 at 9am CET.

Tickets go on sale to the public on Monday, March 16 at 9am CET at and

Join LPU today for pre-sale and meet and greet opportunites!

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I went to Suru today on my visit to California, in an attempt to see Mr.Hahn. He was cooped up at the studio, as usual. The clerk says LP uses a different studio each week and most of it is done at MS Home Studio and she told me NRG is an inpenatrable fortress that I couldn't visit unless I had an appointment. Oh, she also said the album is gonna drop in 2010 and they are working really hard on it. The male clerk also filled me in that the new album is going to sound like the old stuff.
I wouldn't bring this news to your attention if these clerks did not know LP personally. Because it's coming straight from people who see LP and Hahn every week, this is definitly credible.



Linkin Park will perform at Terra Vibe Park in Athens, Greece on July 21. LP Underground members can purchase pre-sale tickets beginning Wednesday, March 18. Tickets go on sale to the public on Friday, March 20 at 10:30AM (local) at


Interview with Scott Koziol

Scott Koziol was a temporary  bassist  of Linkin Park. He played for the video clip "One Step Closer", of the album Hybrid Theory. He left the band when the actual bassist, David Farrell returned to the band in 2000.
So... A few weeks ago we got a way to contact him. He was very attentive, answered some questions and sent to us some recent pictures. We thank him so much for the support. Check the full interview below:

LPAmerican: How do you describe your experience with Linkin Park?
Scott Koziol: "I was blessed with a unique opportunity to collaborate with the members of Linkin Park.  They are innovative artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs.  I had only been in LA for about 6 months when I met the band.  They showed me around town, introduced me to a variety of new art, and pushed me in new directions.  They work very hard to strive towards perfection musically, visually, and artistically with the greatest respect for their fans.  Quality over quantity.  It was a life changing experience that influenced me significantly."

LPAmerican: How do you feel to know that you are in one of the video clips (One Step Closer) that showed the world who is Linkin Park?
Scott Koziol: "That's a great track and cool video...  I'm pleased that so many people dig it and that it created new opportunities for the band."

LPAmerican: How did you met and joined the band?
Scott Koziol: "I was referred to the band by the infamous Barry Squire who runs a LA musician referral service.  Rob Bourdon gave me a call, we chatted for a bit then he sent me a CD of a few tracks to learn.  I had a few auditions with the band then we started rehearsing in Hollywood 6 days a week for about 8 hours a day in preparation for Live performances and the recording of Hybrid Theory."   

LPAmerican: After leaving the band, did you participate in any other musical projects?
Scott Koziol: "I've participated in Live performances, jam sessions, and recording sessions for a variety of singer-songwriters, developing, and Major Label artists."     

LPAmerican: Currently, are you still working with music, or are you going to a different path?
Scott Koziol: "I worked for Apple from Oct 2004 thru Oct 2008.  I was using my artistic skills and playing almost everyday, but my schedule was very busy so I did not take very many gigs during this time.  I visited college campuses to teach students, faculty, staff, and administration about Apple.  I was doing workshops, presentations, and public speaking engagements on the topics of collaboration, music, digital communication, and increased productivity thru effective usage of technology.  I learned so much from my Apple training while collaborating with amazing people at the schools and Apple.  I'm on the Cal Poly(SLO) Journalism Advisory Board so I occasionally visit the campus to collaborate with the Journalism and Graphics(GRC) departments.  I'm a voting member for the Grammy's and participate in activities involving the organization.       

My position with Apple ended a few months back and I started taking Bass gigs again in 2009.  Currently I'm working with an artist from Washington, an independent artist from Pennsylvania, and another unsigned artist from Cleveland.  Many of the artists I've been working with over the last few years are out of town so I record the Bass at my studio and we email files back and forth as the songs develop."

LPAmerican: Do you play any instruments besides bass?
Scott Koziol: "Yah..  I play a bunch of stuff..  I'm way into getting a beat going in GarageBand or Logic Pro then playing anything that is lying around from traditional instruments to household items or even dog toys.  I've been playing a lot of guitar lately using plus getting sounds out of all kinds of silly stuff from Keyboards, Vihuela, & Guitarron to unconventional percussion instruments.." 

LPAmerican: What is your favorite kind of music?
Scott Koziol: "I listen to a variety of music from a wide range of styles.  Lately I've been listening to the Deftones, Daughters of Mara, Nine Inch Nails, Anthrax, MIA, A.R. Rahman, John Zorn, Billy Holiday, Robert Plant with Alison Krauss, Led Zeppelin, Thelonious Monk, Kings of Leon, The White Stripes, and Bob Marley to name a few...  I was listening to the Linkin Park EP the other day which still sounds killer and they remain one of my favorites. 

When I'm playing Bass, I love to play in Modern Rock or Metal groups that have amazing songs and an incredible vocalist.  I like to accompany Female ballad singers and work on material with up and coming singer-songwriters.  I love gathering great musicians in a "Jam Band" environment for funk, hip hop, latin, and jazz improvisations.

All the best to you and I hope all goes well with your website... Scott Koziol"




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ооооо спасибо! я уж про него чуть не забыла..........с этим Алексом )))))))))))

Linkin Park to Play Summer Sonic 2009 in Taiwan

Linkin Park will be playing at Summer Sonic 2009 in Taipei, Taiwan on August 13 with The All-American Rejects and Hoobastank opening the show. LPU members can purchase pre-sale tickets beginning March 28. Tickets go on sale to the public on April 4. More ticket information soon.

LPU members are eligible for pre-sale tickets at most Linkin Park shows as well as chances for meet and greets with members of the band. To join, visit


Linkin Park to play at Rock N Coke Festival in Turkey

From Linkin Park will be playing at the Rock N Coke Festival in Istanbul, Turkey on July 19. Tickets go on sale at 11am (local) on April 13 at


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