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Истоки шинодофрении Mike info

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Linkin Park - Reading my Eyes Live @ Siemens Arena


Channel Ten Australia interviewer Nathan interviews Mike and Joe from Linkin Park. … re=related … re=related … re=related

Майк в носу ковыряет хаха........ааа ну это ведь ещё ДО зарока ))))

Mike и Stryker диджей  Loveline


Народ сходит с ума  :cool:

Mike Shinoda in Brno 2008 … re=related


безумный Майк=безумные фанаты
еще не известно кто больше порадовался)


интересно, что он потом со своей видео записью делает :D  дрочит, глядя на лица вопящих фанатов? :whistle:  а то вон как возбудился от какого-то рыжего мальчика Майкла, что аж прям - найдите его и дайте ссыль на мой блог хихихи


ну ты жестка))
просто когда ему становится грустно тоскливыми зимними одинокими вечерами, он включает видео и греется воспоминаниями :yep:


ZorkoeUho написал(а):

просто когда ему становится грустно тоскливыми зимними одинокими вечерами, он включает видео и греется воспоминаниями

:rain: как романтично!

А нету фанфиков про Майка и Страйкера? Он мне так нравится, такой дядечка милый. Это про него Честер пел Stryker is gay, he likes to suck cock and put it in his ass


Jaclyn написал(а):

интересно, что он потом со своей видео записью делает

теперь-то мы знаем что Майк с ним делает: творит! для потомков творит! несет просвещение в массы, показывает истинное лицо шоубизнеса наивным тинейджерам)))


Sunday, November 13, 2005
Yam! article
Yam: Tell me , who is Fort Minor?
Mike: That´s me! I just don´t want to bring out an album under my name, because then everybody would say ," Oh its that guy from Linkin Park."Besides I attach great importance to my privacy.If there were my name everywhere I would be scared.I´ not keen on to be a star and I´m not fancy that paparazzis will follow me.

Yam: But at concerts you play with many people?
Mike: These are the guys from Styles Of Beyond ,a Hip-Hop-band from L.A.,They ´have supported me with the songs and they are also on stage with me.

Yam: Is it weird for you to be on the way without your LP-colleagues?
Mike: Yes, particularly on stage! And I have to give interviews alone. But on the other hand it is really cool to be responsible for yourself. I´ve wrote every single song on my own and actually I play every instrument.with bass,cguitar,cdrums,ckeyboard and organ it worked, but with the string parts I had to give up.

Yam: You are a little workaholic, or?
Mike:Yes, that´s me.Our LP-guitarist Brad is worried about that I´m working too much. Exactly like my wife! But I´m working at home so I can sleep in my bed and eat with my family.

Yam: Is it true that you wrote a song for your wife on the album?
Mike: True! "Where´d you go" is about how it is when you sit at home, when your partner is on tour. A really crazy love song.

Yam: And how she likes the song?
Mike:Every time when Anna hears the song she cries. I hope that "Where´d You Go" won´t be a hit, because then she would cry everytime she hears the song on the radio.

Yam:Did the guys from Linkin Park hear the album?
Mike:Sure! I wouldn't bring it out if they didnt´t like it. Brad really helped me to pick out the right songs and to decide all the musical decisions.

Yam: Do you meet them also privately?
Mike: We see each other often. Do sport together or go to the cinema. I hang out with Joe alot, our DJ.

Yam: What's next?
Mike: I will tour a little bit with Fort Minor and bring out a mixtape from "The Rising Tied". After that Linkin Park will be the first priority. I promise.


Какие-то интервью, я ещё нге смотрела

Mike on MOD
LP on much news weekly
LP on The New Music
Fort Minor on The New Music

Mike and Joe on much news weekly


Концертные рипы голоса Майка  :glasses:

там много песен, но всех прикалывает  "Points of Authority"  :rofl: … re=related

всегда нравилось  "My december" … re=related


Профиль Майка, где несколько видео-интервью

вот это понравилось

early production work
Mike Shinoda talks about his early songwriting work and recording and producing in his bedroom.

и это..... как-то он подозрительно нервно хихикает  :D

Mike Shinoda discusses songwriting and collaboration


He was raised in a "really, really, liberally Protestant church," (as according to Shinoda himself) but it is unknown whether or not he still practices his religion

интересно по правде иероглифы?

Shinoda's Japanese name is Kenji Shinoda (篠田 健司 Shinoda Kenji)

Тээээкс, я нашла, где Майк это говорил!

Mike: I was raised in a really, really liberally Protestant church. Two of the guys are Jewish. Joe was raised in little more conservative Christian church and Chester has his own really unique views on religion. In general, we are all over the place.

October 2000



Hm hm hm

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Journal Pavilion
6th August 2008

- Mike apparently did three or four lines of something unknown on the keyboard.It is not clear whether this was 'Umbrella' or something else. He said, "I'll just play a little of it and not the whole thing....".


Phoenix, Arizona
Cricket Wireless Pavilion
7th August 2008

- Mike said that every time he hears 'One Step Closer' from now on, it will remind him of Phoenix, Arizona.



August 10, 2008

eminem is finally crocheting that scarf i asked for...

from rolling

A Sneak Peek at Alison Jackson's "Confidential" New book offers eye-popping (and totally fake) photos of Madonna, Mick Jagger and More

my favorites are the mick jagger ones. funny. go here to see that, and more: … s_/photo/1


Thanks to the members who went to the show last night, we now know what was done at Albuquerque and Irvine - "Show Me"!

Irvine, California
Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
10th August 2008

12. Numb
13. Just Like Heaven (The Cure cover)
14. Shadow of The Day

- The band played the 'Just Like Heaven' cover again, last time was at Albuquerque.


Projekt Revolution cranks it up in Irvine

August 11, 2008
OC Register

Mike Shinoda finally addressed the crowd seven songs into Linkin Park's strongest local showing in memory Sunday night at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine.

"You guys like to move around, like to sing, get rowdy," the rapper/multi-instrumentalist said. "It makes me happy."

Really, though, how could they not move around, bang their heads and flail their arms in the air? Up to that point Linkin Park hadn't let up; it had full command over the frantic audience.

Always one to surprise, the band brought out Street Drum Corps here with mesmerizing black-light clothes and instruments, kicking things off with some tribal drumming before a pummeling run that started with an amped-up "What I've Done" and included full-throttle versions of "Faint," "No More Sorrow," "Giving Up" and "Lying from You." And while LP did tone down its raw power as the set marched on, the group never let go of the crowd – and never stopped surprising.

Now on a fourth run in support of its third proper record, "Minutes to Midnight," Linkin Park continues to change up its routine, whether by cranking up the volume, adding extra solos or altering the beginnings or endings of songs (see the piano-and-voice version of "Pushing Me Away").

Another pleasant move: Shinoda stepped out from behind his instruments and freestyled a bit. Maybe when Busta Rhymes leaves your tour because of "complicated business matters," you gotta bust some rhymes yourself.

Busta wasn't really missed. Sure, a "Collision Course"-style mash-up between the two might have been nice. But with Linkin Park this seething, this intense, it never would have worked.

Fan favorites certainly did, though. "Crawling" (with Chris Cornell joining in here), "Numb," "One Step Closer" – these songs have clearly moved past scream-alongs. Much of Linkin Park's catalogue has become a soundtrack to the lives of those who have spent nearly a decade with this band. And Shinoda, Chester Bennington and the rest are all the better for rearranging things; they've made it rewarding, not boring, to have multiple run-ins behind the same record, a feat many bands struggle to accomplish.


The Projekt Revolution Tour - Verizon Amphitheatre, Irvine

August 11, 2008
Artist Direct

At one point, Mike made an interesting comment. He said that he liked playing Orange County because "it's less Hollywood" than L.A. Linkin Park have definitely been presented with the chance to become "Hollywood," if they were so inclined, but have never fallen into the tabloid trap or abandoned their fans. Rather, they've become even more accessible, as the pre-show video of their Habitat for Humanity work would confirm. They're the real deal, and they're here to stay.


Mike talks about Music For Relief Organisation


:shine:  Майки детка

New Album Material....Recorded in Prague
By: Hahninator on Thu Aug 14, 2008 2:19 am

It had been rumored for a while that when Linkin Park was in Prague earlier this year on the Summer European run before Projekt Revolution, Mike hit a studio to record for a while in Prague on an off day. Before the band's Brno show on the 17th, Mike headed to Prague with a producer and checked out a famous studio to see some of their instruments. We had no idea of this adventure until a local Czech magazine posted an article about it. Fortunately, Chemist999 from the LPU was able to translate the magazine article for us, and we now have it for you below. Check it out - this is pretty interesting. You can view a picture of the article here, which includes pictures of Mike in the studio. An online version of the article can be found here. Mike left the studio with a few recorded loops and one pretty good demo version of a song.


While on tour, Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park works on new tracks. We can't be entirely sure if these are for a new album (according to Rolling Stone, the band has already starting working on one), however, wherever he goes, he carries a small harddrive with unfinished tracks on it, and visits numerous studios. For one day, he stopped by in the Czech "Sono" studio. "In my opinion, he's chosen us because of our equipment, which is of comparable quality with studios in London, and because of our list of happy clients, including David Bowie, or Glen Hansard," says Karolína Kalandrová, Sono's executive producer. "I already know he's chosen us from a list of studios, including those in Italy, Germany and Austria." He was mainly interested in old keyboards and other "antique" instruments, because he intended to look for some unique sounds.

"He was really nice, almost boyishly playful, and ran around the room with headphones, desiring to try every instrument," describes Kalandrová about the impression Mike gave her. "He did not behave as some Diva, but as a professional musician." ну дива-то у нас Честер )))Only his producer joined him in the studio, all other stuff was taken care of by "locals" Milan Cimfe and Pavel Karlík.

"Apart from looking for a unique sound he could use for currently incomplete tracks, he started to record one new song," says Karlík about Shinoda's business in Prague. "I was really surprised when I found out he records everything on his own, and by his producing skills with ProTools. He really liked the sound of our drums and he could not believe they sound this way, though I did not use any special effects." Besides drumming and singing, Shinoda was mainly interested in keyboards. He recorded all keyboard samples he could, so that he can use them on a new record. "Especially one really old keyboard swept him from his feet, and we literally had to drive him off, because otherwise he´d miss the plane." пацталом )))

Karlík was really engrossed by the way Shinoda used all the old sounds in new tracks. "He handled accoustic instruments electronically, and it's been really interesting to watch him do that. That´s definitely not the conventional way of recording," says the producer , and adds that everything Shinoda has recorded was really different from the current Linkin Park sound. "Of course, with the exception of one complete track recorded here, everything is still unfinished – who knows what is he going to do with this material." Shinoda was also thrilled by "tubular bells" – basically giant pipes, hanging from the framework, which can produce a really beatiful melody."

Sounds like the next album is going to have some great tracks on it! … tudiem?SID

краткий перевод с

В чешском журнале опубликована статья о том, что Майк Шинода ещё во время европейского тура в 2008-м ездил в студию для записи в Прагу (концерт проходил в другом городе Чехии). Пишут, что у Майка всегда при себе есть портативный жёсткий диск, с которым он путешествует и время от времени заседает в студиях по всему миру.
Шинода выбрал студию «Sono» из числа множества других (Великобритания, Германия, Италия и Австрия оказались в пролёте). В чешской студии успешно записывались Дэвид Боуи, Глен Хансард. Майку главным образом было интересно поработать со старыми клавишными и прочими «антикварными» инструментами, он хотел найти новое звучание.

«Он был очень милым, по-мальчишески игривым, вбежал в комнату, надел наушники, попробовал все инструменты в нашем арсенале», - описыват Каролина Каландрова, исполнительный продюсер студии.

«Кроме поиска новых звуков для песен, которые находятся в процессе, он начал запись одной новой композиции. Я была поражена, когда обнаружила, что всю запись ведёт только он один, его владение ProTools безупречно. Ему очень понравилось звучание наших барабанов, он не мог поверить, что это их реальное звучание, без электронных фильтров. Майку особенно понравилось звучание одного очень старого пианино. Нам буквально пришлось выпихивать его из студии, чтобы он не опоздал на самолёт. Вообще, всё, что Шинода записал у нас в студии, отличается от привычного звучания Linkin Park. Но впереди предстоит большая работа, кто знает, что у них получится», - говорит Каролина. … ge=english


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