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Posted 7 hours ago by Anstice

Chris Connor is still amazing =D.

PS - I left you a comment on the last blog, hoping you'll see. I couldn't fit what I wanted to say onto one comment, so, I did what you asked and wrote it into my own blog =). It's a question, kind of.

Thank you =) =)

Only gunna get-get what you give away~ <33

Hmm, so, I decided I would post this on my journal in hopes that he would see it, haha.

I was asked in one of my University classes the other day to state "whose mind I would like to pick." I mulled the question over in my head for a while before I came to the conclusion that there just aren't that many interesting people in this world. The ones that truly are intriguing have already had their brains torn apart by my constant reverence. So, I was at a genuine stand-still trying to think of someone who veraciously struck me as "interesting." I was finally able to come back to my "always right" answer of Mike Shinoda. The dude is a complete mystery to me. He's one those people that you could sit and study for hours and still lose your mind trying to figure out.

The next part of the assignment was to think of one question you'd ask this person if you had a chance get into their brain and why you chose that question.

Well, crap. What do you ask someone whose whole self is a complete mystery? I'm not going to walk up do the guy and be like, "What's your favorite color?" So, the process of this took the entire three days I was given for the assignment. It took me what seemed like eons to come up with just ONE question that would adequately cover all the questions that were burning there. I couldn't even walk up to my own mother and ask just one question about the things I wanted to know. How was I supposed to do for someone I already knew NOTHING about?? So, I sat and waited for something to come to me.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited...

Finally, FINALLY, something in the form of an idea popped into my head. I'm not sure how or why, but it did. And then I had to think of a way to word my explanation as to why I chose this particular question. I have it written down as follows::

"Of all the prying things I could ask this man, who is brilliant beyond mention, I had to choose just one question. It was a hard thing to do, but I am completely satisfied with my answer. There are a plethora of things I could ask him. 'What inspires your art?' 'How has standing in the public eye changed your life?' 'Do you believe in God?' But I realized then that none of that truly matters. I would spend years regretting each of those questions, no matter how thorough his answers would be. If you truly look deep down into a person, so much more can be seen in the simplest answers. Much more than the long-winded answers I would get from the aforementioned questions. So, I'm choosing to keep it small. Simple. Easy."

I threw caution to the wind in choosing the question I did. What would my professor think of such a "feather-light" question?? What would he think of me for not wondering something so much more deep from this man I had deemed my idol? And then I realized, I didn't care. My heart went into thinking about that question and no one can take away the TRUE significance of it.

So then, if you DO see this, Mike, I ask you the question I chose to ask in the event that I were able to "pick your brain."

What is your favorite color?

-Jade … titled.png

Mike's answer

Posted 4 hours ago by mshinoda

Anstice / Jade: I don't have a favorite color. But right now I'm painting something green.

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Mike joins The Known Gallery
posted by Jas, 03/13//09 | share
Juxtopoz reports that Mike is the latest member of the Known Gallery, you can read his bio here.

I spend a lot of time painting and working on the computer to create pieces that capture something about the strange experiences I've had while working and traveling, says the artist. In the past few years, I've been able to show my stuff at a number of great galleries, and had the pleasure of collaborating on pieces with SEEN, Gary Baseman, Dalek, Greg Craola Simkins, Mr. Hahn, and Jeff McMillan. Get to know Mikes artwork now at


My name is Mike Shinoda.  I play in a band called Linkin Park.  I try to split my time between my band and my art...this is a page about my art. 

I have a BFA in Illustration from Art Center College of Design, and spend a lot of time painting and working in the computer to create pieces that capture something about the strange experiences I've had while working and traveling.  In the past few years, I've been able to show my stuff at a number of great galleries, and had the pleasure of collaborating on pieces with SEEN, Gary Baseman, DALEK, Greg CRAOLA Simkins, Mr. Hahn, and Jeff McMillan. 

My most recent show, entitled "GLORIOUS EXCESS BORN," was a sold-out event at JANM in Los Angeles.  I think my favorite piece from the show was called "ICON"--an eight foot tall paint and digital print piece made entirely of thousands of tiny dollar signs.  Fans lined up around the block to see the art, and the venue saw its highest one-day store sales in history.  Upcoming shows include "GLORIOUS EXCESS DIES" at JANM later in 2009, and a TBA show in New York in early 2010. 

I try to make every effort to donate the sales of his art to charity. Proceeds from my art shows benefit Music For Relief ( ) and the Michael K. Shinoda Endowed Scholarship at Art Center College of Design.

More info, plus ongoing conversations about art, music, and culture can be found at

Many thanks to all the fans who support my art.
-m shinoda



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So remember when I did that exclusive song for Digidesign? They let me borrow the new Protools 8, I made them a song, did and interview for their site, and spoke at their booth at NAMM. Funny story: the other day, Joe Hahn was talking about a song he was working on at home, and mentioned ProTools 8. I said, "You have Protools 8 at home?" He said, "You don't? Didn't you do a bunch of stuff for them?" Ha. Thanks to Mr. Demarti at management and Anthony at Digi, I now have ProTools 8 at home. Now I just have to get all my plug-ins to work...

Anyway, we're still working hard on the new record, at home and in the studio. We've been meeting with producers and trying to make a schedule. Yesterday, we had a great talk about the details...we'd like to have Chester's Dead By Sunrise record out around the fall, and the new Linkin Park record in the earlier part of next year. We're working hard on lots of new music for you, and I can't wait 'til you get to hear it.



Fresh Art/21 Questions: Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park

March 25, 2009

FN: Invent a new word for vagina.
Mike: Thanks for leading off with that, so I know what Im up against in this interview.
FN: Youre on a raft. Chester and Brad are overboard drowning. You can only save one person. Who do you save?
Mike: I thought the rule is that you always save the vocalist, because hes the most important person in the band. At least thats what people tell me. FN: Mrs. Garrett from Different Strokes or Alice the maid from Brady Bunch? And why?
Mike: I watched Different Strokes religiously growing up, so is it bad that I barely remember anything about Mrs. Garrett? I know she was a part of the show, but Arnold, Willis, and Mr. Drummond were all I remember. Incidentally, it was spelled Diffrent Strokes. I dont know what that superfluous apostrophe was all about, but I suspect its some kind of race related joke that I wasnt in on. FN: Hip Hop is
Mike: in danger of making itself unlovable. FN: When was the last time you set a personal goal?
Mike: I do gallery art shows in my spare time, and I want to start doing art shows out of the L.A. area, in other cities. I have one more L.A. art show, which will be at JANM in August. After that, my goal is to take my art out of town for a while. FN: What, if anything, do you actively boycott?
Mike: I dont knowI guess I do have a philosophy when it comes to spending money on music. Every dollar you spend on an artist (whether it be on their music, concert tickets, or merchandise) is a statement; it says you want the artist to continue doing what they do. Some people dont think anything about stealing a song from a band that they love, but then they turn around an spend a bunch of money on something that they dont care a lot about, or stuff that is actually bad for them: a pair of jeans, a box of cigarettes, whatever. I guess what Im saying is: Im not a big fan of the idea of stealing from an artist you love, and then turning around and giving money to a brand or company you dont love. FN: What non-essential item do you always carry with you?
Mike: Is it bad that I consider my iPhone an essential item? FN: How many sketches do you avg. per week?
Mike: Art sketches: 3 to 5. Music sketches/demos: 5 to 10. FN: Describe your year so far in 2009?
Mike: Ive spent a lot of time with my family, and worked hard on some new art and new music. All in all, a great year so far. I dont know when our next Linkin Park album will be out, but I think itll be in the next 12 months. FN: You get a call. Youve been informed that you were improperly named. Mike is going to be expunged from your birth certificate. Youll need to give them a new name instead that you feel suits you better. What name do you choose?
Mike: You stumped me on that one. Maybe a really cool 80s rockstar name, like Slash, or The Edge. By the way, is it me, or does The Edge not look like his name fits him at all? FN: If you had to choose, what could you do withoutyour hands or your ears? And why?
Mike: I guess my ears. I need to paint or make music. With no ears, I can still paint. With no hands, it would be hard to do either. FN: What is your favorite curse word?
Mike: I dont know if its a curse word, but I love that people are using douchebag again. Therefore, by default, I love d-bag as well. FN: That recurring dream you have, what is it about?
Mike: I actually dont dream much. I sleep pretty hardI once slept through a fire at my neighbors house, with fire truck sirens and everything. FN: What song, if any, do you wish you were the first to write?
Mike: Tears For Fears: Everybody Wants To Rule The World. FN: 50 years from now, you would like for people to look back at your art and say.
Mike: I knew I shouldve bought that when it was cheap. Fuck. FN: When was the last time you spoke to yourself out loud?
Mike: Thats funny. I do that whenever I say something that I know is awkward. Do you ever do that? Like when youre leaving on a trip, and someone takes you to the airport, and they say, Have a nice trip, and you say, You too, but the second you say it, you realize theyre not going anywheretheyre going home. Once Im out of sight, I usually verbally berate myself quietly after doing that. FN: When was the last time you went a full day without using your PDA?
Mike: I think weve already covered that topic FN: What advice do you have for up and coming artists?
Mike: Im not convinced there is a real reason for an artist with less than, lets say, 30,000 fans on a mailing list to sign with a major label anymore. If you dont have that many fans, and anyone approaches you, get their number and keep in touch. When you have a lot of fans and some serious hype, youll have a lot more leverage when it comes time to tell the major label no, I want to own my website, fan club, and all my merch. FN: You must give a lecture on a topic you know nothing about. What topic do you choose?
Mike: Comedy. FN: Do you believe in aliens?
Mike: Sure. FN: If yes, when was the last time you saw one?
Mike: When we were little, my brother and I saw one of those lights in the sky that moved too fast and turned too abruptly to be an airplane or helicopter. We were convinced it was a spaceship. FN: Which look would you prefer to rock, the flock of seagulls cut or the REO Speedwagon mullet?
Mike: Ive already rocked an REO Speedwagon mullet on a dare, so I guess Id be more into trying something new. … nkin-park/

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We've been working on a new song in the past couple of weeks that has been a lot of fun. The backdrop for the song is built on layered, heavy synths and a sharp performance by Mr. Bourdon. We're keeping the drums a little looser on this track, not doing too much studio creates a nice interplay between the organic feel of the rhythm track and the more robotic feel of the keyboards. Bass and guitar are next, meanwhile Chester and I are emailing lyric notes back and forth...

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