Morning After Linkin Park

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В шкафу у Честера Ve'Cel + Club Tattoo

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Ещё фоточГа..... без копирайтов :cool:

Плюс штаны крупным планом с Video Music awards 2007
September 09 2007: Las Vegas, Nevada Chester and Mike of Linkin Park 2007 MTV Video Music


Omaha, NE


Loveline show миленькая кофточГа :tongue:




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Классный прикид, Лос Анжелес 4 марта


Было - не было, респект nastyLPчто не поленилась загрузить :jumping:


Rockstar Rags: Chester Benninton & Ve'Cel

March 19, 2008

iMAGE Magazine
January 2008

Amid the growing popularity of rock star-inspired threads, there is a fresh, edgy brand that transcends any conventional, run-of-the-mill style. With an artistic design approach and an overall unique vibe, Ve’cel offers exclusive, high-end fashion for men. Linkin Park’s front man Chester Bennington, who, incidentally, is just as passionate about fashion as he is about his music, unveiled his seemingly au courant line in August to immense reception. Who better to launch the line than a bona fide rock star?

Sean and Thora Dowdell with Bennington (owners of Club Tattoo, and Josh Merrell, owner of Irvine, California-based Liquid Grafics premium screen printing, collaborated on the vision to create fine cotton and fitted tees retailing between $45-$80 with lightweight fleece and thermals. Perhaps the most unparalleled features of Ve’Cel are the custom graphics that reflect a dark and sexy look, with premium quality and interesting washes. Ve’cel, pronounced “VEE-SELL”, touts the tag line Aeternum Vale, meaning “farewell forever” in Latin, which lends itself to interpretation, and is another nod to the unrivaled individual nature of the brand. In essence, Ve’cel is a portrayal of the fashion and culture of today, which is a blend of their tattoo-and music inspired premium wear.

Bennington says tattooing is "viewed as kind of sexy, kind of rebellious, [and] we want to have that same feeling when you put our clothes on." A creative collision of music, art and fashion manifests through the passionate minds of those who bring you Ve’cel, so expect to see cut and sew, denim, and women’s clothing in the future.

“It's a reflection of who you are. Typically, whatever style of music you're primarily into is kind of reflected in how you dress and how you live your life. It's interesting how they work together. It's always been that way."

available now @ Cool Waves (Cherry Creek Mall)

(coming to Nordstrom’s Cherry Creek February 2008)



Lp-girl;450254 написал(а):

В Нью-Йорке, покупатели и модели eModa, встретились с Джошом и честером, который нашел время между раскруткой нескольких бизнесов и отцовством, чтобы встретиться с покупателями и подписать несколько футболок  Ve'cel!



Emo kid  :love:


крясявашные фоты))
последня вабще крута сделана!!


Вы здесь » Morning After Linkin Park » Chester Bennington » В шкафу у Честера Ve'Cel + Club Tattoo